Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mom in her last 14 month living quarters...Also known as our dining room..See the back left side, shower curtain for that and a shower curtain coming in from the foyer....It was nice and brown and matched...ha ha..Autumn was totally mortified...Mom how can we have someone over with a shower curtain hanging there...hmmm this was a learning experience in being prideful. It ended up being a big joke in our home now we are like wow is this weird with out having the shower curtain there...Oh well moving right along We got the bed moved in today and here new bedding put on. See the pictures laying on the pillows, I gave those to mom they so much match her bedding. I had these from Home Interior.
Of course TV was first thing over there, I know it is a man thing.

More of living area.

See that couch well I used my muscles and sweat today to move that...I am women here me roar...

OK how much more of this am I going to blog on.....well when all finished and when kitchen get put in and then there is phase 3 the bathroom and of course curtains then...Oh Christmas ....Come to think about it I now have to homes I can blog about LOVE IT!!!!
Now I am heading to bed it has been a long busy lets say not with out drama and emotion with other things that went on, so I am so ready to put most of the second half of my day behind me and wake up to a fresh new day...And it will be Friday...YIPPEE.
Praise God for another day...and for each new morning...Love you Jolyn

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