Thursday, December 31, 2009

I wish you all the best in the new year. I hope everyone is happy and healthy through out the new year. For some of you I know it has been a difficult year and others a great year, my prayer is that we all grow spiritually and the world sees a much calmer blest world. Make sure for the new year we hug our family more often and tell others we love them daily. May God bless you and yours my dear friends and family. All my love to you.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Oh no's not Christmas....we didn't get snow then just rain...So I guess I'm not going Christmas shopping today either...I'm going to stand in line..

to return items that my lovely daughter didn't care for..Yes thats what I'll do while she goes and

Shops with all her gift cards and money....hmmm what are mom's for....Good thing Mr.T is taking us since its 19 degrees and feels like 3 out with wind and snow...We get dropped off at the door....YIPPY
After standing in lines I'll check for some sales.....Ok we are off....

Saturday, December 26, 2009


The day after Christmas I usually have my brother and his family over to celebrate Christmas with them. I am so mad I didn't take a picture of the table, I guess through all the excitement and seeing Tyler and Sydney I forgot...But I did get some pictures..

Here is my nephew and niece. Tyler is opening one of his gifts from us before dinner.

Mom so excited to feed Tyler...and can be a challenge and she is good at it...

Syd opening a scarf we got her.

My family after a good meal all sitting back and relaxing, well maybe not real relaxed we were opening gifts and laughing along with chasing Tyler around....Oh family is so much fun...
So, looking forward to moving on to the new year and seeing what the year will hold. I wish you all a very Happy New Year..


I hope everyone had a nice safe meaningful Christmas this year. It is hard to believe it is all over, I still had so much more I wanted to do and I was having fun after looking at every ones decorating, trying new things and rearranging mine and re fluffing...Well I have new ideas for next year. This year I was trying to stay calm and relaxed, to keep all the hives and itching away. So we had a calmer less hectic Christmas this year. Our family room Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I ended up adding red poinsettias to my tree this year. I was into red this year, and incorporated it into the gold and green and crystal with whites.

Having my parents here lets them enjoy being with us and their grandchildren, just like today on Christmas morning. They get to watch the kids open their gifts. Here Dad is opening one of his, and Michael just opened his wallet he wanted.

Look at Grandma enjoying Autumn opening her gift..well lets say just Grandma and Autumn got to view it..see the hot pink on my mom's leg that was a new bra for Autumn.. and she is looking at the other one...She said mom I'm not holding these but she did love them...

My Mom gets to hear about the necklace Autumn just opened..of course everything has a story..

We are all watching Michael open this gift...lets see I had two old movies in the box, and wall flowers from bath and body along with a book and carpet tape????? so Grandpa is teasing him about what kind of gift is this...Michael took the dvd movies out first and said I thought we already had these!!! BUT

Here is what was in the box that I was trying to deskies...His I POD Touch..that was one of his gifts and the first thing he mentioned in passing before he got his license that he wanted...Enjoy...After we finished our gifts we had breakfast...even before my parents moved in they always came for Christmas breakfast..we had egg casserole. toast and jelly along with ham and fresh homemade apple butter my MIL just made it was oh so good...there was one tiny problem....we usually have french toast, but since we were cutting things back trying to make things easy Mr. T didn't make it and the Children were devastated but dad you always make your french toast and bacon....Oh boy...he says can I eat first then I will make you some french toast and bacon....yes they got it..It was Christmas day you can he say no???

Later in the afternoon we went to my Aunt Alices house. My cousin Rick and Chris were still there with their little boy RJ, so we got to see them before they left. It was really nice because we usually miss them. They head over to Chris's mom's later in the day.

So here is my Mom again after she got out of her pj's and we are at my Aunt's house..

Here is Autumn and my Aunt at the table with some gifts..and we just finished eating dessert..My Aunt has the tiniest kitchen ever and no dishwasher..but boy does she cook up a storm all the she only has one sink...oh my!! anyway when we got there we had ham and it was the most tender soft not salty ham I have eaten in good..and everything else that goes with it.

Here is my Grandpa..I'm very fortunate to still have him..Last year when we got to my Aunt's he thought Autumn was Michaels girlfriend...had no clue it was autumn and she was devastated..But this year he is doing wonderful and knew us all...Grandpa is 84 years old. here we are finishing up dessert..Let me tell you my Aunt made the best Pecan Pie ever...I had been craving this for a couple months now and did it ever hit the spot there was more ewww and owww's going on at the table YUMMY..My MIL was there also and made a homemade chocolate cake also and there was pumpkin roll to.
After our visit we got home to watch the Cleveland Cav's play Basketball against L A Lakers with Kobe Bryant...Lets just say Lebron and company beat them on their home court !!!!
Then It was Football and I am #1 in the play offs this week and I play #2 for the Championship. Last night one of my guys played along with one of his...Do I say tomorrow Sunday is going to be a big football day at our home!!!!
I hope everyone is doing great all is well and everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your day and God Bless You..

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I can't believe my after my hair appointment when I got home....another truly awsome gift was waiting...Now some of you might not think this is great but..... The guys from Mr.T's office got me this autographed football from one of the best players in the 70's...FRANKO HARRIS #32....YIPPY... in case you don't know he played for the Steelers....

Last year from one of Mr.T's guys from Pittsburgh, he got me this picture of Franko and in the background, he also got me a lighted Pittsburgh stadium. It is all decorated for Christmas and a santa figure came with it..
Wow these have truly been so wonderful. I thank all you guys from the Great Lakes Office so much..What an awesome gift. Thanks for thinking of me...
Hugs and Love to you all,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today I had my Dr. appointment to discuss what the next step will be with these hives..anyway when I got home..seeing Mr.T had me thinking I was going to be late, when I left the house at 12:45 forgetting my appointment was at 2:15 not 1:15..anyway while I was gone He and a wonderful dear friend of ours got all my kitchen cabinet finished that we were having made. If you look at this picture on the back left my cabinets were being changed were the white is on the wall was where my old cabinet counter went. When we got new counter tops instead of it dropping down to make a desk area I wanted it straight across and make the cabinets, to look more like a built in hutch. So Joe are dear friend owns his own cabinet company and he came out and made my door to go with the rest of the cabinets and matched the stain perfect.

So while I was gone today this is what happened. Old section of cabinet removed and counter.

When I got home Mr. T was cleaning the counter top and I looked over and said Oh my goodness..look at this I love it... Look how this section got angled to have more space.

Here is a picture of the whole bottom view finished...

And another view of it...I am so happy Mr.T said Merry Christmas honey...Now the next phase is to do the top part. I want some cabinets with glass cut in the doors and make it look more hutch/furniture looking...
I thank you so much honey and two made my day..Monday I got a Nephew and today my new cabinets all handmade finished and installed....Boy what will tomorrow hold...Hmmmm...
Love and Blessings to all,

Monday, December 21, 2009


Christmas present ever...On a earlier post I posted about this Monday and finding out about the adoption process for my soon to be nephew....Well God answered all of our prayers and Here in this picture in September of 2009 at Tyler's 1st birthday I took this picture not knowing if Tyler would truly always be apart of my brothers family. Today through probate court he was turned over to my Brother and his family legally.....December 21,2009...Praise God.. What a life our Tyler will have now....All in gods Plans...the whole story is long but all of God from beginning to end...

This picture was august 09 at my brothers pool. Joey you have a son!!!

This is my Autumn and Tyler on father's day.

Sydney Tyler's big sister!!! Congratulations Sydney... You finally have a brother..

And look how much she loves him and what a helper she is.

Meet my new nephew....We are so excited..Oh you already know all about it...I just love him to pieces..And of course my one and only sweetheart of a niece too.
There is not a gift under the tree that could be anymore wonderful that a gift of a child. Jesus was our gift to the world and Tyler is a gift to us all...MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE...



It all started Friday, we were supposed to go to a Christmas party and during the day I started feeling sinus pressure then dizziness,I got chills and headache. I thought oh no..not now. By the time i was to get ready all I could do was go lay down. I told Hubby to go and make an appearance and let them know I'm sorry I missed coming. So as I layed on the couch all by myself...I watched Frosty The Snowman..yes I did and I enjoyed every minute of it.. The tree lights were on and the mantle was lit and the flickering of the fire...It was so relaxing and calming. Saturday morning we moved slow and then I needed to get some last minute errands done. So we ran out and we took Autumn and her friend Jordan and away we went. I got nothing accomplished but autumn did...

Sunday was our big yearly tradition of going to the T.S.O concert. We got great tickets and in a suite...So we got there and all the food was their for us to eat and then watch the fabulous concert. If you ever get a chance to go, to it..Very nice. Next year we want to see the Mannheim Steam Rollers..

This is my wonderful teenagers right before we left. Do I look like a proud mama or what...

This is at the suite having are dinner before concert started...

Today Mr. T ran to the office for awhile and I got up and out finishing some shopping mostly pick ups that were ready. But Mom and I started out at a Christmas Place that we visit every year before Christmas and this year we almost didn't make it..But after a stressful weekend of waiting on some news..I thought Mom and I needed to go there then of course to lunch...By the time it was time for us to get to the grocery store, we were so tired and Moms back and hip were hurting, we did it though and they didn't have some items so Mr T is getting a list tomorrow.... All that to say I just finished up my wrapping..Look at the mess. I never no now when someone is going to pick up the camera on me....Honey say cheese...noo nottt nowww To late...I guess it's pay back....
Love to all and have a very Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


It's Thursday and the days are just flying by..One week from today and it is CHRISTMAS!!!

Today I was able to take my Mom to her Dr. appointment. We went to see the same Dr. that she had her back surgery with to have somethings looked at. Mom had went to her primary Dr. last week and he said she needed to make this visit to her surgeon. So we went today to find out if the pain she is having is coming from her back or her hip. Well after x-rays we found out it is her hip. We knew from last year her hip was bad, but her back was worse and she needed that surgery first. Well the hip is now keeping her up at night in pain. So to shorten the story we have an appointment for January 5Th to see her hip surgeon. My prayer is that she gets her surgery and all goes wonderful....Mom is not real excited about the hip thing....plates and screws...and the cost and being out of work.....So I also ask that between her and Dad they will be able to make a decision that works for them and they are comfortable with...I say sooner the better and you will be good to go by summer....As for me am I ready to go thru another surgery again with her?? This is the reason they are with me...for me to be here and take care of her, and Dad be able to still work and not have to worry about time off and someone taking care of mom...So just another SEASON OF LIFE... This was taken on Thanksgiving day, at Moms house. Love you Mom..


Right now our emotions are running wild..We are holding onto a very special blessing coming this Monday...That is when my brother and sister-in-law go to probate to finally have Tyler turned over to them as legal guardian. Then after 6 months he will legally be their son..Tyler is 16 months old and they have had him since he's been about 3 weeks, without going into all the details, he is one very special precious little boy. My brother could not be happier nor could Tyler not be in any better hands than the ones he is in, in this picture. Just look at the two of them.

Here is our little guy walking at our home on Thanksgiving...He has the biggest bluest eyes...

Not only would he be getting a wonderful Daddy here is a wonderful Mommy and a big sister that just loves him to pieces..
So I'm asking for prayers for Monday, that all goes wonderful and that they are finally legally his parents and family...
What a gift it will be this Christmas for us all......
Blessings and Hugs,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Knock knock...dogs barking... hmmm no one there... Oh wait there is something sitting by the door. It's big and heavy to...It says Omaha Steaks....Yummy.

Let's open it...WoW Steaks and Pork Chops along with Steak Burgers and huge hot dogs...They think we must have dessert also there was Apple Tartletts. How nice is this???

Hubby comes home with a big box a couple nights ago and says here honey...He always lets me open everything..isn't that sweet...I get so excited to see what we get...This was a popcorn tin and all the boxes had different items...popcorn balls in one and chocolates in another..pecan clusters in one.. Are these boxes not the most whimsical looking boxes?? I put them in my Grinch room. all this came from Popcorn Factory..Oh so good!!

We get a box of this each year given to us..I look forward to the different boxes it comes in and the pretty bow...Unfortunately my picture isn't clear.

And this was not clear either....But we can all see this is Malley's chocolates

This gift came last night...and is definitely one of my favs...

It is from Cheryl's Cookies..oh how I love their cut out cookies..That is what is in the big container, the one had candy and another had 4 different kinds of cookies 5 of each, and one had pecan cookies...

Plus we got Gourmet Popcorn from the place that Oprah voted her #1...most of it is gone. and we also got a huge wicker basket that I love...full of all kind of cookies, crackers, dips, summer sausages and cheeses..mustard's and olives kind of an Italian Basket...
These items come in so handy over the holidays and are so appreciated by all who think of us and send them..Plus I still have beautiful boxes and baskets to use all year round and the ribbons and bows that come on some of these are stunning...
So this is some times through the Christmas season...for many reasons...If you stop by I would love to share with you..can't guarantee there will be any Cheryl's cut out cookies left...LOL
Love to you all,


My Autumn before we leave for her Christmas party at Friday's. I thought she looked so pretty in her outfit. We had a fun time shopping for it also. When she put this purple halter top on I said that's it...that was the one...

The girls 7Th through 12Th were all there, I was coming around the corner to take this when Autumn was coming over to show me what she got for the gift exchange Surprised her when I snapped this.

This picture Autumn took of her and I when we got home, she had to take it since know one else was home at the time..

My Autumn and Lexi

And of course Lizzy said what about me, see how she is talking in Autumn's ear?? And Lexi is running off the couch saying wait for me.....

We had a wonderful time I got to spend time with some of the moms that stayed and of course the mom's I was with we are friends and we had a great meal and a lot of laughing and chatting going on...After 4 Fridays has 1/2 price appetizers...that was a nice deal..I split potato skins with a friend and for dinner I got Sizzling chicken and Shrimp with Mashed potatoes..No drinks for me I was designated coke was my choice..
We have a party this Friday and we are going to see Tran Siberian Orchestra on Sunday, that is a tradition of ours, I'll post on that on Monday for my weekend review..
Love to all, hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas tree and decorations by now and not all frazzled..