Saturday, December 5, 2009


Come with me as I take you through last night at our Family Christmas Party. You may want to get a cup of coffee or hot tea this is a long one. Let me start here with the real Lenox men of the Family... Left to Right is the 2ND to the oldest and 1st born grandson to the family, my cousin Chris, then my moms oldest brother my Uncle Larry, 3rd grandchild is my cousin Danny and next to him is my mom's baby brother Jerry, my youngest Uncle, we are ten years apart and his birthday is the day after mine. Next to him is the baby of my cousin's little Jerry and he is getting married in April..

This year we decided to have the family Christmas get together at this place instead of trying to get us all in one of our homes plus this seemed much easier. So my cousin Sara the 2ND grand daughter, out of us ten grandchildren, and I went ahead and handled the get together this year. This place was so nice and it worked out so well we may even do it here again. Maybe next year have a d.j or something more. But as we were getting things ready and we were waiting for all my wonderful family to arrive, someone else had a hard time waiting...honey are you hungry?? You just got caught, look at the guilt on his face...BUSTED

Here is my MIL, my Hubby and my Autumn standing in front of the fire place. It was so toasty and comfy.

This is Sara and I's big helpers...The Elves!!! They really helped us out in getting ready. Thanks Guys.

Everyone had plenty of room to walk around and visit, here is Sara's mom, my Aunt Elsie, a side view in black w/blue on, then my Aunt Karen in black this is my mom's youngest..sister,and in the green is my Mommy, next to here is my cousin Ricks wife Jen and their youngest son Brent drinking his juice box. Brent is the youngest of the 2ND cousins. Hopefully Lord willing Tyler will be the youngest...Tyler is the one my Brother and SIL are trying to adopt...More on that around the 21st of the month please pray all goes wonderful for them in court on the 21st. Also they were not with us here tonight they are in New York for their Anniversary. Missed you.

This table we had set up with some drinks and a couple fun things. My Uncle Larry is writing down a question to put in the bag about either my Grandpa or Grandma. Then after dinner I would draw each question one at a time and read it out loud to see who could answer it. This was a lot of fun and away to include my Grandparents that are no longer with us here, but will forever be in our hearts and mind. They were so loved by us all...And yes some of us thing they were the favorite and others think they were the favorite..I tried to tell them all I was...I was first born Grandchild and the Favorite...So I guess if we all feel like we were the favorite, that shows how much we were loved by my Grandparents....
Any way next to my Uncle Larry is my Uncle Earl married to my moms sister Karen, then in the red vest is my Daddy...Two of my Grandparents best Son in Laws....Yes Dad we do know Grandma's favorite thing to call you...LOL

Dinner time, wow we had a great variety of food. Everyone brought a side dish and a desert. Plus we had fried chicken and honey baked ham..Oh so good. By now if you have read my blog any length of time you know this is my Autumn and my parents. Autumn never misses a camera shot!

How sweet and cute is this, Kennedy and Ben are trying to guess how many M&M's were in the jar sitting on the table...Hmm Kennedy might be close she guessed 75..Ben is still thinking..There were 914 in there... And Aunt Karen won the prize for this, and the prize was the jar of M&M's.`

More eating.. my cousin Chris and his wife Sheryl, my cousin Danny and his wife Janet and my MIL

Moving right along to another table eating. First is Stan, we all got to meet him for the first time, and he was very nice, he is dating my cousin Tracy, she is the 3rd of the grand daughters sitting next to her is her daughter Olivia, she needed to fix her hair or she was avoiding the camera, what was it Livi??? in the red is Julie she is marrying my cousin little Jerry and of course Miss Kennedy, Tracy's youngest. We sure do have some nice smiles at this table..

On to some serious matters...a good game of euchre.. this looks tense my Dad is plugging his ears so my Michael must be saying something, by the looks of it they seem to be beating Hubby and Kelly...because those two don't look to happy..hmmm

A group picture of the 2ND cousins I will save you from me putting all the names down. We are missing 4 of them. Lauren, Sydney, Tyler and Brian...we missed you..

Aunt Karen, her daughter in law Jen married to my cousin Rick, and my Uncle Earl getting a call from work.

Oh know Miss Kennedy isn't getting arrested, just carrying on a conversation with our police officer we had to get if there was any alcohol served. What a nice man he was. He has only been a police officer for one year.

My cousin Chris again, He is an air traffic controller, can we say stressful job.....but he doesn't look to stressed in this picture and know he wasn't working after the party, and know both of those beers weren't his. Or were they???? Stephanie and Brent playing connect four.

Stephanie saying look and of course I was ready to take Sheryl's picture, this is my cousin Chris's wife and she too is an air traffic controller. I interrupted her talking with my Uncle Larry her FIL. Hmm could that mean a photographer can be rude? Please don't think that of us, we just love you all that we take pictures of, and want to treasure them for many years...Right Blogger friends?

Are you still with me or did I lose you at hello, I mean at the 2ND picture. If you are still with me this is my cousin Mikes wife. She is talking to him, he couldn't make it because of his job. When he isn't here to control Kelly you never know what might happen or be said...She is one of my sports buddies..But no we do not like the same teams at all....I like the good ones and she likes the bad ones...I yell at Autumn for pictures with her tongue out and there is Kelly...Adults now a days!!

Gabby and Olivia warming up by the toasty fire.

Last but definitely not least is Emily, her mom Sara and Sara's son Sam at the end of a nice time with our family.

I love when we can all get together and the ones that couldn't make it were very much missed and talked about, I me thought of...Hope we have everyone with us next year. We get together the whole family every year on Labor day weekend and at Christmas...Then when ever we can through out the year...Our next time is 2010 for the big wedding in April for Little Jerry and Julie...
To my family I love each and everyone of you, Thanks for coming and have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous, Happy, Healthy, Blessed New Year...OXOXOX

Hugs to All,

OOPS.. I had a picture floating way down at the bottom..sorry girls. This is two of my 2nd cousins..both basket ball players. Have a great christmas Stephanie and Emily..

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Sue said...

What a great party! Looks like a cool place you had it. Did you talk to Mike? We all can't wait for you guys to spend New years with would be so much fun! OH, we will laugh!!!