Thursday, December 17, 2009


It's Thursday and the days are just flying by..One week from today and it is CHRISTMAS!!!

Today I was able to take my Mom to her Dr. appointment. We went to see the same Dr. that she had her back surgery with to have somethings looked at. Mom had went to her primary Dr. last week and he said she needed to make this visit to her surgeon. So we went today to find out if the pain she is having is coming from her back or her hip. Well after x-rays we found out it is her hip. We knew from last year her hip was bad, but her back was worse and she needed that surgery first. Well the hip is now keeping her up at night in pain. So to shorten the story we have an appointment for January 5Th to see her hip surgeon. My prayer is that she gets her surgery and all goes wonderful....Mom is not real excited about the hip thing....plates and screws...and the cost and being out of work.....So I also ask that between her and Dad they will be able to make a decision that works for them and they are comfortable with...I say sooner the better and you will be good to go by summer....As for me am I ready to go thru another surgery again with her?? This is the reason they are with me...for me to be here and take care of her, and Dad be able to still work and not have to worry about time off and someone taking care of mom...So just another SEASON OF LIFE... This was taken on Thanksgiving day, at Moms house. Love you Mom..


Melissa Miller said...

Oh Jolyn my thoughts and prayers are with your Mom for a successful surgery.

Enjoy this joyous and blessed season my friend! ~Melissa :)

Sue said...

Praying for you and your mom! Praying for wisdom from the surgeon....and a memorable, blessed Christmas for all of you! Give you mom a big hug for me...I love you both very much!