Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Knock knock...dogs barking... hmmm no one there... Oh wait there is something sitting by the door. It's big and heavy to...It says Omaha Steaks....Yummy.

Let's open it...WoW Steaks and Pork Chops along with Steak Burgers and huge hot dogs...They think we must have dessert also there was Apple Tartletts. How nice is this???

Hubby comes home with a big box a couple nights ago and says here honey...He always lets me open everything..isn't that sweet...I get so excited to see what we get...This was a popcorn tin and all the boxes had different items...popcorn balls in one and chocolates in another..pecan clusters in one.. Are these boxes not the most whimsical looking boxes?? I put them in my Grinch room. all this came from Popcorn Factory..Oh so good!!

We get a box of this each year given to us..I look forward to the different boxes it comes in and the pretty bow...Unfortunately my picture isn't clear.

And this was not clear either....But we can all see this is Malley's chocolates

This gift came last night...and is definitely one of my favs...

It is from Cheryl's Cookies..oh how I love their cut out cookies..That is what is in the big container, the one had candy and another had 4 different kinds of cookies 5 of each, and one had pecan cookies...

Plus we got Gourmet Popcorn from the place that Oprah voted her #1...most of it is gone. and we also got a huge wicker basket that I love...full of all kind of cookies, crackers, dips, summer sausages and cheeses..mustard's and olives kind of an Italian Basket...
These items come in so handy over the holidays and are so appreciated by all who think of us and send them..Plus I still have beautiful boxes and baskets to use all year round and the ribbons and bows that come on some of these are stunning...
So this is some times through the Christmas season...for many reasons...If you stop by I would love to share with you..can't guarantee there will be any Cheryl's cut out cookies left...LOL
Love to you all,

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Sue said...

I am SO jealous! YUM! LOL