Monday, December 7, 2009


This year I went with the rust, greens and gold through out the foyer and stairway. This wreath was a large candle ring that I added a bow to, and I have hanging next to the door.
Here is the foyer, after seeing the picture I don't like this poinsettia there it needs something bigger and more grand.

I really love greenery, so I put some around my monogrammed picture with pine cones, and added pine cones to the shelf. The cross you can't tell in the picture but it has the nativity scene all through it. And on the corner cabinet I have a musical nativity scene on top shelf then the next to shelves are my deers. The very top of the cabinet is my Christmas cactus, it has a couple blooms on it but it was full over thanksgiving.

My Christmas sleigh, I got this about 18 years ago and it has been redone more times than I can count, This year I do not have lights in it, well because lights and I were not getting along this in my effort to SIMPLIFY...I just didn't put them in...relief....But I do miss the lights sooo I may add them again...

Here is the swag i made for the front door. This year I am so into red and I don't know why. I usually never use it but this year I even have it in the family room and kitchen, They say you change with age I say I change with the seasons. I can also see that come spring this door needs repainted, and new door handle...Oh pictures sure do show it all..

Later I will post the dinning room, it has been taking about 5 minutes per picture to download. So that is why I don't have it all on one post. Hope everyone is getting their decorating done and their shopping and moving on to baking. Have a wonderful week and those of you hit by this stormy weather be careful we are to get rain today then tonight change to snow and sleet. Hopefully not freezing rain. It's coming from west. I want to get out today and get some things done so I can stay in tomorrow.
Love to all,

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Rue said...

Hi Jolyn :)

Your home is looking so lovely! I especially like the swag :)

I'm having trouble getting my pictures to load too! Darn blogger.

Looking forward to seeing more....