Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hello, I'm still at it and having fun doing it..I guess the thought of getting everything out and all the mess sometimes can be overwelming but once things are up and containers put away...then I enjoy rearranging and adding . This arrangement is on the dining room table, I didn't show the whole tablescape because I'm not done with that part..

My hutch that I have was my dear Grandmother's, it is about 35 or 40 years old. I added Christmas dishes in there for now.

One of my nativity sets this is a creamy bisque and gold set.under that is my lighted snowman family.

On the top shelf of my lighted curio is a wonderful poem on The True Meaning of Christmas.

One of the side tables just a simple poinsettia arrangement and reindeer along the other a golden Christmas tree.

I only have about another day to finish playing with the decor and move on to finishing shopping and finish up wrapping,I would like that all done by 17Th. then I will work on the food menus and prepare for the baking I will do...If you have read this blog much you know I am not much into baking...but I will do some...My likes is is the cooking don't have to measure exact, and you can add a little of this and a little of that....So for now I'm going to see what last finish touches I need to do...Have a fabulous day and take time every day to enjoy the day you have been given..
Blessings Friends,

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