Saturday, December 12, 2009


Autumn has her Christmas dinner and gift exchange tonight at Fridays for cheer leading. So of course she needed to make sure she is going to look just beautiful. Saturday she got her hair cut about 2 inches off.
An Kelly came over in the morning, bless her heart none of us are morning people. Kelly brought all her nail items over and did Autumns nails for her. She wanted a french manicure.

Friday at school they had a dance from 3-5 and all cheer moms got to chaperone. So her is Autumn and her friend Jordan standing out with us moms doing a country dance....So funny they are.

Saturday night Mike and I had a dinner we went to with 3 other couples and had the time of our life...we laughed and laughed till our ribs and cheeks hurt..I look forward to this every year.On Friday night after the dance Mike and I went to dinner and then was going to go shopping but after a nice dinner and it was cold outside all I could think of was get me home and in my Jammie's...So now I'm heading out myself because the next two days of weather is going to be colder and rainy.I will post tonight some pictures of Autumns dinner and of course us moms will be in our own area!!!
Love and Blessings to You,

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