Monday, December 13, 2010


I guess I need to put my Christmas all away...I did take tree down before new years, but other items I left out. One of my precious angels that hung on our tree.

Our white doves. Sea shell ornament we got in Hawaii.

A new ornament from my Aunt this year was the silver glass with crystals on it..So beautiful.
She also got me a glass humming bird ornament. We love to watch are humming birds arrive every year..I love get new ornaments each year from people they all have a story.

Our mantel this year, My dears and Angel.

Close up.

Another view...

Well time to move on as we are in the 2nd week of the new year. Next year I will be going back to my green, red, and white...I haven't used that in about 4 years.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Christmas...everywhere you go...Doing some errands with my this picture of here.

Gifts are being delivered to our home. Who doesn't like gifts and Chocolate.

We are going to Basketball games and bowling matches for Michael...All while preparing for Jesus's birthday.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Let's say Thanksgiving is a time to give Thanks....This month we have had many things to be Thankful for...Just glad to move on to December.Yep that's my Mom...doesn't she look great..She is 7 1/2 weeks post op from hip surgery..She has done fabulous I am so proud of her and her determination to get better. She is standing in front of this rocking horse and seal...(you know me I had to get a picture while Dad was parking the car) we are at Children's hospital my 2 yr old nephew is going into surgery today, we are on our way to be with my brother during this difficult time. All ended up great and he is back him doing well. We thank God for this and the many friends and family that prayed.

My Aunt and my Mom as we were over at my Aunts house, Autumn went to help decorate the top of her kitchen cabinets for Christmas, you can see some of it from this picture. we had a really nice time us four together. Mom is holding an Christmas decoration my Aunt got her, it has a red cardinal inside...My Grandma always loved red birds and So do Mom and I, we watch them in our yard and feed them. They are so precious and beautiful this time of year against the white snow.

Autumn so excited that Suzie my aunts dog is letting her hold her....For some reason she isn't to sure of Autumn...

Don't we look like a lively bunch, we just had our Thanksgiving dinner and Mike has to go to the hospital in the morning for surgery. So he couldn't eat much..and we are all a bit nervous about it.

Autumn and Nana cleaning up from dinner.

Dad carving the turkey, as Michael waits to grab a piece. We were all so hungry, we wait till my Dad gets home from work to eat our Thanksgiving dinner with him.

Mike the day before, always make a brine to soak the turkey in. He was so very sick and in pain but was so happy to take care of the turkey that he wasn't going to get to eat much of at all if any.
See we usually have Thanksgiving every year for the family, but for some reason I just didn't have it in me. My mom had had hip surgery and I wasn't sure how she would be, and frankly I was tired. So I let everyone know I was passing this year. Well Now I know why and so glad I listened to that small voice inside me...Mike ended up with Dr. visits and a scheduled surgery the next day. Then my nephew wasn't feeling well and ended up in the hospital the day I was bringing Mike home...Then when we were at the hospital the day of my nephews surgery we were leaving and my Dad fell in the parking lot when he went to get the car. Bruised his arm and ribs along with cutting up his knee...I said Dear Lord I know the meaning of laughter is the best medicine...because if I didn't laugh and stay positive I would have cried for days...Our God is so good and I am truly so Thankful for all of my family and friends...
Next year Lord willing Thanksgiving is back at our Home...It was very quiet and boring without everyone around to laugh and joke with...Till next time God bless

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I started my pictures backwards on this blog...we start here with me wondering around like a lost soul taking in all I can on our last morning before our flight home. : (

My spot for the week, right in the chair sitting in the pool across from the bar...Heaven

Breakfast with special friends Jim and Tammie.

My buddy that works at the Resort....I will give you leave today...

Wondering as I stare out at all Gods beauty.

Now here we are on one of our excursions.. Mike walking up from the ocean.

We took a bottom glass boat over to this Island.. Look how beautiful.


On the other side is the Pacific ocean. We got to go snorkeling here then back to shore for lunch.
This is one trip I will never ever forget...I have been so blessed.

Friday, November 19, 2010


In Cabo San Lucas...I have a lot of pictures and it was hard to pick what I wanted to blog on...I wish all my family could have been there with us. First off in this picture the wonderful Man in the middle of the singers is Paul, he is truly a special person to us in many ways. This night he went forward to sing this song with the guys, I found out later no matter where he is if this song is played he sings it....This was his mothers favorite song....Now that in its self says a lot about him.

The group at our table, we were at a dinner in Cabo and it was in a building, but yet there was no roof, so we were outside under the stars.. very nice

Paul had just thanked us all for being there, and thanked the wives for being supportive of our spouses and their jobs.

Paul then past out to us wives purses and wristlets...I was really surprised...

Here is Tammie and I with our purses..

The next day we had a luncheon in Los Cabos. Mike was walking back to our bus.

This luncheon was outside also...We were sitting with friends of ours Todd and Jamie.

View from the Resort Lobby

Looking into the lobby.

My cabana spot for the week..This was the Adult pool area that I stayed at, see my chair it sits in the water. Then you can slip right in the pool just like Mike did. AHHHHHH

Our cook at the Japanese restaurant at the Resort, I ate my whole meal with chopsticks, that was a challenge, but one I was willing to tackle.

After dinner We went to sit out on the floating rock pool. Here is Tammie and I as the guys were sitting across from was so nice out and relaxing with lots of laughs...and a snort here and there!!!
Looking out our Balcony as they set up for our Farewell dinner.
Our last night, with shots of Tequila...with good friends.
Last morning out taking our photo shots of the resort...So hating to leave.

Great picture of our footprints in the sand and a big wave coming in.

Mike and I...r we really leaving this behind?

Another pic of lobby area and rock water sitting area..

First night here, the resort help is setting up for our Welcoming dinner on the ocean...What hard workers they are. And never complain as they are sweating and dragging carts through the sand.

Another view of our welcome dinner from our balcony.

View from our Balcony..This was just paradise.

We left the resort one night and headed to Ruth's Chris for a fabulous dinner with some our wonderful friends. Our Ruth's Chris isn't here anymore and it is one of my favorite places, to make it even better we sat outside. Awesome night. Tequila shots again...

My super drooper friend Tammie and I.....We are laughing cuz at dinner we got separated at opposite ends of the table!!! I would yell Hey my Friend hows ur dinner....What r u getting for desert....Oh what a night to remember forever.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HE GOT ME ....

JARED..... Sunday was my 11 year anniversary since my Brain Aneurysm. I was in the office blogging, packing, and cleaning out the office when Mike came in with a Jared Jewelry bag...WOW. what is this.??? He got me some charms to go on my Pandora Braclet that he got me for my birthday. This was a wonderful surprise..Thank you so much. And Thank YOU GOD for 11 more years...I am looking forward to many more to come.
Now exuse the mess in the picture and me also I hadn't even combed my hair yet...This office is in the process of being turned back into our living room. So I will be updating on this redo. I know longer need this as office (catch all) area. So I have my wheels turning on what I will do..Stay tuned.