Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well all I can say is My Steelers are on a bye this week and I'm taking off this coming week also. Day started OK, the weather was great in the 70's after much cold and rain. I got some errands ran and got the girls all picked up at 2:45 to go to stadium for our last time putting up the signs for the game. Here I am with on of my girls, I love these girls and you grow so close to them.
Still putting up signs along the stadium fences. The breeze was wonderful and temperature was great. Hubby was taking the pictures and almost every one he has my behind in them....It was so wonderful that he came to help we put containers on back of truck and he drove from section to section for us so we didn't have to carry all the containers back and forth. We got finished fast we were in a hurry, because all the cheerleaders were to meet at 5:00 for a get together before the game and it was 3:40....So I got my group of girls and I'm off to get them home to get ready when............

This happened... I was pulling around the stadium to get out and thought I'd swing around the telephone pole area to avoid the pot holes that had water when all of a sudden we heard the crashing noise...all our faces just looked stunned...what in the world was it....Well it was little yellow poles that go half way up my passenger side door that I couldn't see since my SUV sits up higher. I back up..yes and heard a crunch again. Autumn got out to look and she didn't need to say anything just the look on her and Kylie's face said it all. The door made cracking noise trying to open and close it...What can I do I have 5 girls with me that need to get ready and no time to spare, they count on momma Teet's....So I said just get I can't do nothing now..That means I couldn't even cry then. Hubby was still in parking lot but didn't see this....
got the girls dropped off and got home and lost it!! yep I bawled and was so upset with my self, it was a stupid think and we will need a new running board and door..yikes and things are not cheap on this vehicle..Plus it was only almost 2 months to the day that this happened.......

My Michael on labor day had an accident hitting a truck from behind that made a sudden stop. Michael still has his temp,His Dad was with him and there was no damage to the guys truck just Michael's Honda, Mike talked to him about not calling police because of Michael with temps and his insurance...The guy was great about it and didn't and we paid $1,700.00 for this accident that busted the radiator and smashed the grill and needed a new hood it was like an accordion. But I tell Michael Honey God was defiantly in this for you, We didn't have to call police and now one was hurt and I hope this took some of his arrogance away from him and thinking he knows it all about driving. I did feel really bad he went this past Thursday to take his driving test and got immediate failure at the end for what she said he pulled out onto on coming traffic. Michael said the guy had blinker on to turn and Michael turned the opposite way and she failed for not making sure the guy was defiantly going to turn...So he has to wait another week, I think the good Lord is teaching him some lessons on being more aware and thinking about thinks.
So all of this a week of ups downs tears and laughter, I will be out taking some wonderful pictures to share with you all of Puerto Rico. Until I get back all stay happy and healthy. Love to you and God bless

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I just love when the girls are all over. Today after school I picked some of the girls up and took home, but Kylie came over to our house to get ready with Autumn for their outing at Windsor nursing home. The cheerleaders from 8Th grade up to 12Th all dressed up to go visit the precious people at the Nursing Home, and play some bingo with them from 6-8.
So in this pic I'm getting ready to draw stars around their left eye.
Look at the 80's hair..I told them we wore our hair like this or bigger if we could get bigger. They also look like the group KISS... but that's not what they are either.

They are scaring me now...They are mummies. How can to beautiful girls turn into this....I still love it.

OK now the hair...sprayed black and silver

Now that's an ATTITUDE!!!

How mean they are scaring the poor cowgirl...Help her someone!!!
I can't wait till they get home and I hear all about it. A lot of the girls were excited to spend time with the Grandma's and Grandpa's....Autumn said mom do you think we might scare them. I said honey they will enjoy having you all there.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I went to the Dr. yesterday after coming down ill Friday after my dentist appointment. Yep I knew it, Dr. walked in and said I can see it in your eyes girl dark and puffy, whats going on here. I said I already know it is a sinus infection again..and I'm leaving for Puerto Rico 5 days I have to feel better. He said you will defiantly feel better once you get there the ocean salt water, sunshine and know tree pollens for allergies...That is just what you need I said Oh Dr. S can that be wrote out in a prescription so I can stay longer...We laughed as he checked me. Looked at my throat and said yuck..checked my ears said have they been bothering you ? I said yes, He said I see why...checked my chest feeling some heaviness..I thought hmm how does he mean but of course I said yes when I try and breath deep or cough...yep. You have somethings going on here a sinus infection with double ear infection and bronchitis...Ok then, back on amox. antibiotic. a nose spray, pain reliever and all my other wonderful allergy drugs...
Besides the scales being off by 50 pds I mean 4 pounds my blood pressure was really up for me. This is not a good thing after having my brain aneurysm...but at his office I said oh its up from infection and I'm sick and hubby just left for New England till Thursday and I need to pack and get ready for my trip and take care of the children and.....
But later last night I got scared..and my mind started thinking...oh no this is what happened when I had my aneurysm 3 months before my blood pressure kept going up and we couldn't figure why..and on October 31st 1999 it ruptured....What month is this and what date is coming up...I had to talk my self out of these thoughts and pray and pray to my Lord Oh please no, Don't let this happen to me again...You have healed me and I survived for a reason not to have another one and die....I was getting so worked up and Hubby is away, I stayed in prayer and repeated scripture on faith, on Gods' promises and the the blood of Jesus...I could not even get up to get my medicine I need to take when this happens, I feel so paralyzed in fear and anxiety.
I guess I needed to get that off my mind and put it down into words. all that to say when I get back from are time away I am due for my 4 month blood work I have to get to keep all my levels at low end and get b.p. checked again. My God is able to deliver me out of anything, I thank Him daily for every breath I take...
Sorry for the heavy lengthy post I guess I needed to vent, My hubby not here I haven't had him to talk to about it. It was bad enough when he called me this morning to say good morning and I had no voice..God love him he said that's it I'm getting on the plane to come home tonight. Tuff me try's to say Don't be silly I will be fine you got things you need to get done, I'm getting things packed to go.....does meds and underwear and swim suits count....I need to get a move on.
You all have a terrific week and remember to never forget to say I love you every day to those in your house hold...As I end I want to say I love you and I need to go pack...
Hugs Jolyn

Monday, October 26, 2009


What a weekend it was, my oldest was sick Thurs. and thru the weekend, no game for him, my youngest is recouping and went to tailgate party that was inside instead of out because of down pouring rain. She ended up not going to the high school game and spent the night with Kylie. Mike and I went to the dentist for cleanings Friday and then it hit me, sinuses..oh baby my head ears, and neck throbbed, more on that later. This picture is my Autumns last football game of the season on Wednesday and it was a really wonderful sunny day, that's her is the air doing a jump. Our weekend consisted of a lot of football Ohio state on Saturday and Pittsburgh and all the others we watch on Sunday...I won't go into all that and bore you that do not like it... Here is the wreath on my front door that I made last year. I need to repaint my front door but not sure on the color, I want something different besides green. Trim is white and siding is creamy tan, but the roof color is in different browns and shutters green...those can be changed. I can do that this spring.

My lovely Japanese maple, that will be getting moved, when I planted it I never thought it would over take the area mostly in height. It is by the front door area.

This tree on the left is a maple that just planted it self there and I let it be. I love trees, and this grows fast it is only about 4 years old. Next to it is a pin oak that came from seed I just let it be also. Not near as pretty but it it looks good in the summer and gives privacy.

I also spent some time in the kitchen this weekend...I know surprise surprise..and know I did not make a layer But here I made some fresh iced tea with regular tea bags along with a couple mint tea bags and sugar...Aww so fresh cold and good

I also made Friday a big pot of beefy vegetable noodle, that is all that sounded good on my throat. It was also windy and rainy. I thought that would be good to have for the weekend..Well it was gone by Saturday..It must have been good. So Sunday I made a big pot of chicken noodle, it was really good also yummy. My dad loves soups but hubby can take it or leave it, he left the chicken noodle...and I have a bowl left for me tomorrow I will need it..I also made a chicken wrap. I got the recipe from a lovely blogger I read called Outside my kitchen window I also got a taco wrap from her that was really good. You should go visit her. Her name is Kelli.
I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but it was gone before I thought about it. I will make it again. Here is my chicken noodle soup.

Last Sunday hubby went to the apple orchard and picked a bushel of golden delicious apples. It was to cold for me and of course football was on. So Saturday Mom and I cut some up for some applesauce..Oh it smelled so good cooking and taste even better. Dad couldn't understand why we didn't make apple dumplings...I leave that part to my Hubby he is good baker, and uses no recipe..I wish you could smell them apples cooking.

While I played around in the kitchen, Dad and Mike put in the new kitchen cabinets Friday and Saturday for my parents. It took most of Saturday, we still have work to do on it, The plumber comes Thursday to put in the sink, the appliances get delivered Thursday also. This picture shows you the counter top they got, I really like it.

Here is a view of the back wall of the cabinets, they are hickory wood and light stain. Dad really wished there was more dark marks and knots in them. They look good with everythingthough. The refrigerater goes in the empty space on right. Stove in the middle.

This picture shows the sink area, and there will be a higher part for a bar eating area. Plus dishwasher goes over here.

It was a wild different weekend alot going on. Till next time have a great week enjoy the leaves while they are still there. I hate thinging about what is next....Hugs Jolyn

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


For a day that had know plans it ended up very full and special. All I knew was I had to go get boots at American Eagle for my wonderful spoiled daughter... lovely daughter and go buy those dreadful bra' at noon I finally get out the door heading down the road, sun shining and trees at their peak about 69 degrees out soaking all the beauty in, what was that...oh yes of course I'm paying attention to the road...So as I was saying I was taking it all in when the phone rank, Hello hi honey do you want to go to lunch....Oh ya what time are you don't matter ..So I'm thinking what I need to get done...who knows how long bra shopping will be..I say I will get back with you at about 1:30.Ok sounds good. Lets say we met at home my Hubby and I at 2:00 now this is getting to be a late lunch. He ran in the house for my camera and I got in his truck and my cell rings...Mom can you pick me up from school...what happened to Zack, he needs to stay later for a test. Ugh!! Of course we will be right there..Oh honey we need to run to get Michael from school.....Oh and on the way Autumn forgot her cheer socks we need to drop them off at Kelsey's they are going there to get ready for the game...So back on the road got Michael said honey you want to go eat with us no....So we run him back home and finally off we go to the restaurant above it is a very good Chinese buffet...and I was starving it was 2:40 and I haven't had anything to eat yet today... YUM!!
after we left the restaurant we went for a nice drive to look at the trees, of course I took tones of pictures but here are a few!!

Love how the Sunshine's through the trees.

The colors are so vibrant.

this was so nice an peaceful looking.

My first shot of the sweet horses a school bus came flying by as I snapped it.

This was a lake for those locals this was around cottage grove, portage lakes area

Out by camp Y-Noah where the kids use to come for the soap box derby.

It was such a gorgeous day, around 4:30 we got home in time to get ready for the football game to watch my Autumn cheer her last game of the season. Oh dinner we were still so full and with games who has time...
It was so nice to spend time out doors and with that special someone.Now I'm ready for a goodnight sleep. By guys are leaving at 6:00 am to go to lake Erie fishing on a 60 foot boat. Yep, Hubby took Michael out of school for this..they are going to have bonding time. Michael hardly ever misses school in fact the first 9 years he never missed a day. He was going for the record..Since then he may of missed 5 total his next 2 1/2 years. He is a very good son and I am very proud of him, I love you Michael..
You all have a great week and get out and enjoy this fall season while you can. Love to all..


With this being Breast Cancer Awareness month, Ladies we all need to be aware of this everyday. we have to get our mammograms yearly after age 40 are you?? I have not started mostly because I heard it can hurt, well looking at some of the alternatives if I don't, it is a lot worse and can be life threatening. So I will get one very soon so I can have a base image, then go every year. Are you all with me?
Another thing I really dislike but we need them is going bra shopping. So Talking to a friend of mine the other day she was telling me she got fitted for a bra. She said Jolyn I was so off on my size, totally wearing the work cup size and everything and boy does it feel great to have the right size and it looks so much better. Hmm I got to thinking am I wearing the right bra?? So I looked up how to measure for a bra. No I am not..SOOO

I needed to go bra shopping anyway, now I am going with my new size in mind and I will see how that works. Boy do I dislike trying on bras. Those of you that have great finds and no problems how blest you are. So wish me luck.
Have a wonderful day enjoy the fall color everywhere.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I have two tunes in my head now one is LET THE SUNSHINE IN FACE IT WITH A GRIN, OPEN UP YOUR HEART AND LET THE SUN SHINE IN. Then after talking to my girlfriend Susie we were singing HERE COMES THE SUN LA LA LA LA HERE COMES THE SUN, AND I SAY IT'S ALL RIGHT.......Oh it feels so good to see sun today after awhile with cool cloudy rainy sky's....
Here is a picture of my arrangement I just made for in the dinning room, I love wispy feathery, natural arrangements.

I also got my hutch in last night, but I have not got my china and crystal unpacked to put in yet. I will work on that still today. So little by little our dinning room is coming together. I still need chairs recovered and the rest will wait till after the beginning of the year.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


What a weekend we had, kind of relaxing and yet busy. My little nephew Tyler was over for awhile while his parents and my Michael went to watch his sister cheer. He is so fun at 13 months old.. I could just squeeze him. I had made sauerkraut and pork, he doesn't eat much food right now except baby food he's very picky, well I said lets see what he does with sauerkraut....that would be the kicker if he ate that....WELL he picked some up and ate a piece and made funny faces and ate a couple more pieces then watched me. We laughed and talked I had no clue what he was saying but boy did we carry a conversation..This is half of him, don't know what happened to the upload... On Saturday we got up and went here to shaker woods, they were having Christmas in the woods. My good Friend Donna and Mike and I went up to check it out. I will just say it was cold 34 degrees cold and breezy...but the atmosphere was good with all the crafters and smells. The food and carolers were singing. The leaves on the drive up were so pretty. I didn't by anything except a cut out cookie and it was very good. I'm really not into much crafty things and I have got so much Christmas that it is embarrassing. But being out and walking around was good.
I had to but this picture of the trees down the road from our home, I thought they were so bright and colorful. Oh how I love fall.

Today after church we all made a big breakfast, I started the sausage, Dad got the potato pancakes going, can I say they were awesome!! I got table set and made toast. Mike made sausage gravy and Dad made eggs...Amish made jelly we had and O.J. It was so very good.

Here is one of the best parts of my weekend, my good friend Donna came to visit us. She hasn't been here for eight years. We keep in contact and I visit her when Mike needs to go to one of his stores in her area. She only lives 2 1/2 hours away. I met her when we first got married 24 years ago, we lived in the same apartment complex, we lived on the second floor and she lived on the bottom floor. Thru many years and many moves from one state to the next she and I can pick right up where we left off.. Oh see the book Donna is holding it is a sudoki puzzle book, well I had her try and teach me how to do this, the key word is try to teach me. I need to get one that says easy because my mind was having a hard time with this, I'll get one and keep trying..What a true dear friend you are Donna. I love you.

And once again my little one is down sick...she hasn't been able to fight this H1N1 fully off. Now it is stuffy nose along with her throat still and fever again. This is last week of football cheer leading for her. I pray she gets thru this OK. We didn't let her go to the Friday night game, but today she had to go cheer and walk for breast cancer awareness. She woke up with no voice..we teased her and I said miracles do happen..she didn't find it funny..but after some hot tea it is back....

Donna made a friend while she was here, her and Lexi had so much fun playing and Lexi got a lot of belly rubs...

My Mike and Dad carrying Mom and Dad's headboard upstairs to our spare room. Their new bedroom is smaller and with that headboard in there the bed comes down 18 inches from the wall then they can't close the french doors..So I'm blest to get this. Thank you so much Dad. My boy's Mike and Michael are getting my dining room hutch out of storage right now, so I can work on getting that all back together since moving it all out for my parents to put their bedroom in the dining room. My hutch was my Grandma's and is about 35 years old or a little more.

Tomorrow I do not have to leave this house..I can work on the dining room and get some items packed for our trip to Puerto Rico. I think I need to do things while I can and be ahead of things, I don't have another free day till the 29Th.
Oh and as for my fantasy football team today I think I may be going 6-0. I'm very far ahead of the person I play this week and 6-0 for those that don't follow is good it means I have won all 6 games lost zero and I am the only (girl) on the team of 12. I'm playing the VP this week (hee hee and pretty much beat him good!!!! )It is so fun, know one else is even close to me they are 3-3 or 2-4 or 4-2 I love it, it is so much fun...And I know you are wondering if Steelers won this week...YES THEY DID...
So that was my weekend and I hope you all had a great one and I pray that all is staying healthy, enjoy your coming week. HUGS Jolyn

Friday, October 16, 2009


My girls, I picked up the girls after school brought them back to the house fed them and they got ready for their game..Look at those adorable faces..Don't let that fool you, these girls are a HOOT...I only had 1/2 of them today, there is 8 total... Here they are after the game being well their crazy selves..They saw me get the camera out and they start posing as statues.. Itty bitty was heading to the was sooo freezing cold.
My Autumn and Kylie, I could just squeeze them, I have so much fun with these girls, meaning all 8 of them. One more football game to cheer at this season and it has been fun, I will have to still keep them coming over...well every so often...maybe not all 8 at once LOL

Look at this tree, now this says fall and the calender says fall but boy the weather says winter. It was only 40 degrees yesterday windy and rainy, today even colder. We didn't have much of a summer it was like spring weather, but I hope we get some kind of Indian summer around here. Oh 15 more days till ocean and sunshine....I am so looking forward to it all.

I had mentioned in my last post about Hobby Lobby and shopping well I didn't get much, just some floral items I needed to complete a couple arrangements I'm making. It was so hot in the store I asked the clerk about it and she said it has to do with the lights and not going off. they were trying to fix it...I said I'll be back when it's cooler ..Oh these hot flashes of mine. We then went to lunch isn't it what you all do after some shopping? We ate at Applebees, and had a nice lunch and fellowship time. I then had to get home to go to another football game that was away. I went with another mom, I waited for her to get off work because I didn't want her to go alone. The place we had to go was not the best and we even needed police escort there..Isn't that lovely, I wouldn't have went since Hubby was in Pa. and couldn't go but I thought I am not letting my baby girl there without me...All was good except some back talking after the game...and police kept them moving right along....And of course we one by about 5 touchdowns!!
So you all have a wonderful weekend...Hugs Jolyn

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today was my 45Th birthday... How very blest I am that I have been able to have another year, here with my family. I woke up this morning actually it was 5:40am wide awake, if you know me that is definitely not the norm. Anyway I laid there and opened my eyes and took a breath and said thank you dear Jesus I am alive day to celebrate another year...How precious life is. My birthday is the 13Th and my Aneurysm was the 31st and my surgery was the 15Th of November. So this time of year is pretty emotional to me a lot of thoughts and what if's and Thank you's for my miracle. Enough of that. I did have a somewhat peaceful quiet day, my choice. It was Autumns first day back to school after being out a week with H1N1. I got a lot of birthday messages and phone calls from family and friends. I thank you all so much for them. My Hubby and children got me my new camera. For dinner I wasn't in a mood to go out so Mike brought Papa Gyro's in for dinner. And bought this pretty cake and we celebrated with us and my parents. Tomorrow my Mom and I along with my Aunt Karen and a friend are going to Hobby Lobby for a birthday present for me and out to lunch. Have a wonderful day and I will post tomorrow on what I choose for my gift and about our day.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Hello, well I went to Kirklands today, I so love that store. They are having such a great sale on pictures and some mirrors along with some fall items. I recieved a $10 certificate from e-mail if you spend $50.00, well that isn't hard the hard part is stopping at $50.00 LOLI got this picture and it is hanging in the dining room, the colors are plums and tans.
Her are the windows, I want some goldish color long drapes for in here. The mirror I got today at Kirkland's also. It is very nice and heavy with beveled mirror black on front and goldish on sides. My lamp is from Home interiors and I can see I need to fix my cord uhggg. The plate is from Kirkland's and my black pieces are home interiors also but I sprayed them black, they were very gold. I might spray a little metallic or something goldish over it. and glass vase from TJ Max.

The empty space between the sconces is where my hutch goes. It is still in storage, between the rain and getting two of my guys together I'm still waiting. Hopefully this weekend sometime. I need to get some new candles for the sconces, they are also from Kirkland's.

Now this is THE BEDROOM in the dining room. This is what it was like when Dad and Mom had their room in here. Oh that reminds me we still need to let the chandelier down. We put it up when they were in there.

This is dining room as I was adding pieces back in. I need to get the chairs recovered before Thanksgiving.

The window area again, I took that picture out and I think I will move them upstairs in the foyer hall area. The walls I want to paint a yellow gold color but that will have to wait till after the holidays. I found a color at Sh. Williams called Asian pear, still looking. I pray you have a safe warm, dry, weekend. HUGS Jolyn