Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well we just got back from the Dr.'s and Autumn has a mild case of H1N1. The Dr. said they aren't even testing for it anymore because it has hit the area and all the symptoms are the same. He said the regular flu bug is not out yet.
Last Friday right after school Autumn left for church camp and got home Sunday feeling tired and her throat hurt, I thought OK of course your tired and you been outside you have some sinus drainage. she went to bed Sunday night and got up around 2:30 am said she was so weak she couldn't lift her arm...I said honey you are just so tired lets get a drink and get back in bed. Well alarm went off for school and she felt awful, so I said you need to just stay home today and rest.
Sent her to school Tuesday she said in the morning I feel much better...( she does not like missing school and cheer leading) so around noon I get a phone call from her...Mom she said my teachers keep looking at me and told me I need to go home..I feel sick I ache and my throat and weak. I say Honey can you hold out 2 more hours.....I am getting my hair done!! Can you even believe I said this, I'm awful..but on Tuesdays I pick cheerleaders up from school to get them to Gymnastics class..My hair wasn't the only reason honest....anyway she said I'll try..I got to school and they came out and she looked like a ghost pale and glossy eyed..Oh my! So I get the cheerleaders to class Autumn wants to stay to see what her cheer coach does for the next 2 games on cheers... So by the time we get home I got liquid and pain relievers in her, then chills, next thing mom can you turn on the air conditioning!!! You have got to be kidding ... So we all went to bed at 8:30 pm. Now through this all Hubby is in a big meeting all day and out to big dinner with owners....I can't bother him and he has no idea what went on all day. So alarm goes off for our Michael and none for Autumn.. he says Why isn't she getting up?? Well let me tell you.
So all that to say we had a 10:20am Dr appointment and H1N1 is it.
See the picture how it uploaded crazy well that has been the last couple weeks. Last week I sold Our beat ----- shirts at the middle school t-f 10-12:15. we do this against our big football rival team every year. plus my regular schedule with the cheerleaders and the dinners and practice and games as well as my Michael was home 2 days last week and I am now wondering if he had a case of this. Monday this week 150 students absent from middle school on Tuesday 179...All this coming off a week of a very sick dogie, and we praise God all her symptoms are gone and he healed her, so no surgery for her. My Moms back and hip was very bad she could not get herself out of bed or tie her shoes. I told her to call her Dr. that did her surgery and get an appointment. Well Sunday at church she stood up for healing prayer and since then she has not hurt at all. Praise God....So all this shall pass and we will all be as good as new. My prayer is that no one else in the family gets this...You all have a wonderful week and I will be back to my blogging with some pictures soon..My hubby got me a new camera a Canon Rebel I want to try out. He wanted to get me the Nikon but I did not want to pay that price right can put out alot of money for cameras...WOW WEE!!
Love you all big hugs,

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Sara said...

CANON REBEL??? HOW COOL! Next time we see you, I have to try it out! Yippee!