Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I just love when the girls are all over. Today after school I picked some of the girls up and took home, but Kylie came over to our house to get ready with Autumn for their outing at Windsor nursing home. The cheerleaders from 8Th grade up to 12Th all dressed up to go visit the precious people at the Nursing Home, and play some bingo with them from 6-8.
So in this pic I'm getting ready to draw stars around their left eye.
Look at the 80's hair..I told them we wore our hair like this or bigger if we could get bigger. They also look like the group KISS... but that's not what they are either.

They are scaring me now...They are mummies. How can to beautiful girls turn into this....I still love it.

OK now the hair...sprayed black and silver

Now that's an ATTITUDE!!!

How mean they are scaring the poor cowgirl...Help her someone!!!
I can't wait till they get home and I hear all about it. A lot of the girls were excited to spend time with the Grandma's and Grandpa's....Autumn said mom do you think we might scare them. I said honey they will enjoy having you all there.

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SILVIA said...

they look great, i hope they fun and a lot of candies..
xx Silvia.