Wednesday, October 21, 2009


With this being Breast Cancer Awareness month, Ladies we all need to be aware of this everyday. we have to get our mammograms yearly after age 40 are you?? I have not started mostly because I heard it can hurt, well looking at some of the alternatives if I don't, it is a lot worse and can be life threatening. So I will get one very soon so I can have a base image, then go every year. Are you all with me?
Another thing I really dislike but we need them is going bra shopping. So Talking to a friend of mine the other day she was telling me she got fitted for a bra. She said Jolyn I was so off on my size, totally wearing the work cup size and everything and boy does it feel great to have the right size and it looks so much better. Hmm I got to thinking am I wearing the right bra?? So I looked up how to measure for a bra. No I am not..SOOO

I needed to go bra shopping anyway, now I am going with my new size in mind and I will see how that works. Boy do I dislike trying on bras. Those of you that have great finds and no problems how blest you are. So wish me luck.
Have a wonderful day enjoy the fall color everywhere.

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Sue said...

Very interesting blog post! LOL I have had 2 mammograms...and they only hurt for a minute. I usually try and make it for 'black Friday'...they aren't very busy, and it's right near my house.

As for the bra issue...the only thing I will say is that I've read and been told by cancer experts NEVER to wear an underwire bra...they compress the lymph nodes, not allowing toxins to leave the body freely...makes sense to me! Happy shopping, Jolyn!