Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well all I can say is My Steelers are on a bye this week and I'm taking off this coming week also. Day started OK, the weather was great in the 70's after much cold and rain. I got some errands ran and got the girls all picked up at 2:45 to go to stadium for our last time putting up the signs for the game. Here I am with on of my girls, I love these girls and you grow so close to them.
Still putting up signs along the stadium fences. The breeze was wonderful and temperature was great. Hubby was taking the pictures and almost every one he has my behind in them....It was so wonderful that he came to help we put containers on back of truck and he drove from section to section for us so we didn't have to carry all the containers back and forth. We got finished fast we were in a hurry, because all the cheerleaders were to meet at 5:00 for a get together before the game and it was 3:40....So I got my group of girls and I'm off to get them home to get ready when............

This happened... I was pulling around the stadium to get out and thought I'd swing around the telephone pole area to avoid the pot holes that had water when all of a sudden we heard the crashing noise...all our faces just looked stunned...what in the world was it....Well it was little yellow poles that go half way up my passenger side door that I couldn't see since my SUV sits up higher. I back up..yes and heard a crunch again. Autumn got out to look and she didn't need to say anything just the look on her and Kylie's face said it all. The door made cracking noise trying to open and close it...What can I do I have 5 girls with me that need to get ready and no time to spare, they count on momma Teet's....So I said just get I can't do nothing now..That means I couldn't even cry then. Hubby was still in parking lot but didn't see this....
got the girls dropped off and got home and lost it!! yep I bawled and was so upset with my self, it was a stupid think and we will need a new running board and door..yikes and things are not cheap on this vehicle..Plus it was only almost 2 months to the day that this happened.......

My Michael on labor day had an accident hitting a truck from behind that made a sudden stop. Michael still has his temp,His Dad was with him and there was no damage to the guys truck just Michael's Honda, Mike talked to him about not calling police because of Michael with temps and his insurance...The guy was great about it and didn't and we paid $1,700.00 for this accident that busted the radiator and smashed the grill and needed a new hood it was like an accordion. But I tell Michael Honey God was defiantly in this for you, We didn't have to call police and now one was hurt and I hope this took some of his arrogance away from him and thinking he knows it all about driving. I did feel really bad he went this past Thursday to take his driving test and got immediate failure at the end for what she said he pulled out onto on coming traffic. Michael said the guy had blinker on to turn and Michael turned the opposite way and she failed for not making sure the guy was defiantly going to turn...So he has to wait another week, I think the good Lord is teaching him some lessons on being more aware and thinking about thinks.
So all of this a week of ups downs tears and laughter, I will be out taking some wonderful pictures to share with you all of Puerto Rico. Until I get back all stay happy and healthy. Love to you and God bless

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SILVIA said...

hi there Jolyn, it's nice to meet you!.
i'm sorry to hear about your children getting sick,i really hope the are doing much better..
thank you for your visit and your comment.i think its so scary out there and i really hope i dont regret not getting the shot, i agree with you, whats in these vaccines really???..
thanks again for coming by and please stop by again soon..

xx. Silvia..