Sunday, October 18, 2009


What a weekend we had, kind of relaxing and yet busy. My little nephew Tyler was over for awhile while his parents and my Michael went to watch his sister cheer. He is so fun at 13 months old.. I could just squeeze him. I had made sauerkraut and pork, he doesn't eat much food right now except baby food he's very picky, well I said lets see what he does with sauerkraut....that would be the kicker if he ate that....WELL he picked some up and ate a piece and made funny faces and ate a couple more pieces then watched me. We laughed and talked I had no clue what he was saying but boy did we carry a conversation..This is half of him, don't know what happened to the upload... On Saturday we got up and went here to shaker woods, they were having Christmas in the woods. My good Friend Donna and Mike and I went up to check it out. I will just say it was cold 34 degrees cold and breezy...but the atmosphere was good with all the crafters and smells. The food and carolers were singing. The leaves on the drive up were so pretty. I didn't by anything except a cut out cookie and it was very good. I'm really not into much crafty things and I have got so much Christmas that it is embarrassing. But being out and walking around was good.
I had to but this picture of the trees down the road from our home, I thought they were so bright and colorful. Oh how I love fall.

Today after church we all made a big breakfast, I started the sausage, Dad got the potato pancakes going, can I say they were awesome!! I got table set and made toast. Mike made sausage gravy and Dad made eggs...Amish made jelly we had and O.J. It was so very good.

Here is one of the best parts of my weekend, my good friend Donna came to visit us. She hasn't been here for eight years. We keep in contact and I visit her when Mike needs to go to one of his stores in her area. She only lives 2 1/2 hours away. I met her when we first got married 24 years ago, we lived in the same apartment complex, we lived on the second floor and she lived on the bottom floor. Thru many years and many moves from one state to the next she and I can pick right up where we left off.. Oh see the book Donna is holding it is a sudoki puzzle book, well I had her try and teach me how to do this, the key word is try to teach me. I need to get one that says easy because my mind was having a hard time with this, I'll get one and keep trying..What a true dear friend you are Donna. I love you.

And once again my little one is down sick...she hasn't been able to fight this H1N1 fully off. Now it is stuffy nose along with her throat still and fever again. This is last week of football cheer leading for her. I pray she gets thru this OK. We didn't let her go to the Friday night game, but today she had to go cheer and walk for breast cancer awareness. She woke up with no voice..we teased her and I said miracles do happen..she didn't find it funny..but after some hot tea it is back....

Donna made a friend while she was here, her and Lexi had so much fun playing and Lexi got a lot of belly rubs...

My Mike and Dad carrying Mom and Dad's headboard upstairs to our spare room. Their new bedroom is smaller and with that headboard in there the bed comes down 18 inches from the wall then they can't close the french doors..So I'm blest to get this. Thank you so much Dad. My boy's Mike and Michael are getting my dining room hutch out of storage right now, so I can work on getting that all back together since moving it all out for my parents to put their bedroom in the dining room. My hutch was my Grandma's and is about 35 years old or a little more.

Tomorrow I do not have to leave this house..I can work on the dining room and get some items packed for our trip to Puerto Rico. I think I need to do things while I can and be ahead of things, I don't have another free day till the 29Th.
Oh and as for my fantasy football team today I think I may be going 6-0. I'm very far ahead of the person I play this week and 6-0 for those that don't follow is good it means I have won all 6 games lost zero and I am the only (girl) on the team of 12. I'm playing the VP this week (hee hee and pretty much beat him good!!!! )It is so fun, know one else is even close to me they are 3-3 or 2-4 or 4-2 I love it, it is so much fun...And I know you are wondering if Steelers won this week...YES THEY DID...
So that was my weekend and I hope you all had a great one and I pray that all is staying healthy, enjoy your coming week. HUGS Jolyn

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