Wednesday, October 21, 2009


For a day that had know plans it ended up very full and special. All I knew was I had to go get boots at American Eagle for my wonderful spoiled daughter... lovely daughter and go buy those dreadful bra' at noon I finally get out the door heading down the road, sun shining and trees at their peak about 69 degrees out soaking all the beauty in, what was that...oh yes of course I'm paying attention to the road...So as I was saying I was taking it all in when the phone rank, Hello hi honey do you want to go to lunch....Oh ya what time are you don't matter ..So I'm thinking what I need to get done...who knows how long bra shopping will be..I say I will get back with you at about 1:30.Ok sounds good. Lets say we met at home my Hubby and I at 2:00 now this is getting to be a late lunch. He ran in the house for my camera and I got in his truck and my cell rings...Mom can you pick me up from school...what happened to Zack, he needs to stay later for a test. Ugh!! Of course we will be right there..Oh honey we need to run to get Michael from school.....Oh and on the way Autumn forgot her cheer socks we need to drop them off at Kelsey's they are going there to get ready for the game...So back on the road got Michael said honey you want to go eat with us no....So we run him back home and finally off we go to the restaurant above it is a very good Chinese buffet...and I was starving it was 2:40 and I haven't had anything to eat yet today... YUM!!
after we left the restaurant we went for a nice drive to look at the trees, of course I took tones of pictures but here are a few!!

Love how the Sunshine's through the trees.

The colors are so vibrant.

this was so nice an peaceful looking.

My first shot of the sweet horses a school bus came flying by as I snapped it.

This was a lake for those locals this was around cottage grove, portage lakes area

Out by camp Y-Noah where the kids use to come for the soap box derby.

It was such a gorgeous day, around 4:30 we got home in time to get ready for the football game to watch my Autumn cheer her last game of the season. Oh dinner we were still so full and with games who has time...
It was so nice to spend time out doors and with that special someone.Now I'm ready for a goodnight sleep. By guys are leaving at 6:00 am to go to lake Erie fishing on a 60 foot boat. Yep, Hubby took Michael out of school for this..they are going to have bonding time. Michael hardly ever misses school in fact the first 9 years he never missed a day. He was going for the record..Since then he may of missed 5 total his next 2 1/2 years. He is a very good son and I am very proud of him, I love you Michael..
You all have a great week and get out and enjoy this fall season while you can. Love to all..


Melissa Miller said...

~Whew! You had a really busy day Jolyn! The chinese buffet sounds yummy. The trees are just amazing!

Thanks for you sweet visit. It's always nice to hear from you my friend. ~Melissa :) said...

Can I send messages now? You have to update this site more than once per week. Nice pics.. my backyard trees look like they are glowing. PS.. I didn't know you had a son???