Monday, October 26, 2009


What a weekend it was, my oldest was sick Thurs. and thru the weekend, no game for him, my youngest is recouping and went to tailgate party that was inside instead of out because of down pouring rain. She ended up not going to the high school game and spent the night with Kylie. Mike and I went to the dentist for cleanings Friday and then it hit me, sinuses..oh baby my head ears, and neck throbbed, more on that later. This picture is my Autumns last football game of the season on Wednesday and it was a really wonderful sunny day, that's her is the air doing a jump. Our weekend consisted of a lot of football Ohio state on Saturday and Pittsburgh and all the others we watch on Sunday...I won't go into all that and bore you that do not like it... Here is the wreath on my front door that I made last year. I need to repaint my front door but not sure on the color, I want something different besides green. Trim is white and siding is creamy tan, but the roof color is in different browns and shutters green...those can be changed. I can do that this spring.

My lovely Japanese maple, that will be getting moved, when I planted it I never thought it would over take the area mostly in height. It is by the front door area.

This tree on the left is a maple that just planted it self there and I let it be. I love trees, and this grows fast it is only about 4 years old. Next to it is a pin oak that came from seed I just let it be also. Not near as pretty but it it looks good in the summer and gives privacy.

I also spent some time in the kitchen this weekend...I know surprise surprise..and know I did not make a layer But here I made some fresh iced tea with regular tea bags along with a couple mint tea bags and sugar...Aww so fresh cold and good

I also made Friday a big pot of beefy vegetable noodle, that is all that sounded good on my throat. It was also windy and rainy. I thought that would be good to have for the weekend..Well it was gone by Saturday..It must have been good. So Sunday I made a big pot of chicken noodle, it was really good also yummy. My dad loves soups but hubby can take it or leave it, he left the chicken noodle...and I have a bowl left for me tomorrow I will need it..I also made a chicken wrap. I got the recipe from a lovely blogger I read called Outside my kitchen window I also got a taco wrap from her that was really good. You should go visit her. Her name is Kelli.
I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but it was gone before I thought about it. I will make it again. Here is my chicken noodle soup.

Last Sunday hubby went to the apple orchard and picked a bushel of golden delicious apples. It was to cold for me and of course football was on. So Saturday Mom and I cut some up for some applesauce..Oh it smelled so good cooking and taste even better. Dad couldn't understand why we didn't make apple dumplings...I leave that part to my Hubby he is good baker, and uses no recipe..I wish you could smell them apples cooking.

While I played around in the kitchen, Dad and Mike put in the new kitchen cabinets Friday and Saturday for my parents. It took most of Saturday, we still have work to do on it, The plumber comes Thursday to put in the sink, the appliances get delivered Thursday also. This picture shows you the counter top they got, I really like it.

Here is a view of the back wall of the cabinets, they are hickory wood and light stain. Dad really wished there was more dark marks and knots in them. They look good with everythingthough. The refrigerater goes in the empty space on right. Stove in the middle.

This picture shows the sink area, and there will be a higher part for a bar eating area. Plus dishwasher goes over here.

It was a wild different weekend alot going on. Till next time have a great week enjoy the leaves while they are still there. I hate thinging about what is next....Hugs Jolyn

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