Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today was my 45Th birthday... How very blest I am that I have been able to have another year, here with my family. I woke up this morning actually it was 5:40am wide awake, if you know me that is definitely not the norm. Anyway I laid there and opened my eyes and took a breath and said thank you dear Jesus I am alive day to celebrate another year...How precious life is. My birthday is the 13Th and my Aneurysm was the 31st and my surgery was the 15Th of November. So this time of year is pretty emotional to me a lot of thoughts and what if's and Thank you's for my miracle. Enough of that. I did have a somewhat peaceful quiet day, my choice. It was Autumns first day back to school after being out a week with H1N1. I got a lot of birthday messages and phone calls from family and friends. I thank you all so much for them. My Hubby and children got me my new camera. For dinner I wasn't in a mood to go out so Mike brought Papa Gyro's in for dinner. And bought this pretty cake and we celebrated with us and my parents. Tomorrow my Mom and I along with my Aunt Karen and a friend are going to Hobby Lobby for a birthday present for me and out to lunch. Have a wonderful day and I will post tomorrow on what I choose for my gift and about our day.

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