Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is strke two for me. I can not make a double cake any more with out it sliding off...I never had it happen to a douple just my triple..I know I don't need any of this but it was for the family!!!LOL Now looking at the picture I think I know what it is this t-shirt..I think I had this on when I did the Triple cake.back in August..One good thing I iced it and we ate half right away...I had to smile right??? After I had served the cake I walked out to the kitchen and this is what was on the counter..Ta Da..that is after toothpicks were already put in it. Thank God it didn't slid on the floor and then the dogs would have ate it!! Oh my that could have been leathel chocolate and dogs.
Then this is the reaction I get from my one that has been sick all week with H1N1..What happened to the cake...I had the same look before her. What baking memories am I making...

All I can say is, you all that are bakers and love it need to be comended, what a talent it is and it's not for me.. Quess what I'm making the Pumpkin pies for Thnksgiving!!! Stay tuned..
Till next time have a wonderful fall weekend.


Anonymous said...

on the bottom cake you have to cut the top off so that there is no hump on it... then put your 2nd cake on top. This will prevent it from slipping off.

Emeril Lagasse

Sue said...

JOLYN!!!! I have tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hard! What did you do?! I have to agree with the comment Emeril made above....neatly slice the top to be even. I promise, I WILL be bringing your birthday cake, white with Dutz's icing on 11/13...I know it is a month off...but SOMEONE is just too busy for us! LOL Glad to see Autumn looking horrified...I mean much better from her flu! LOL Love you!