Friday, October 16, 2009


My girls, I picked up the girls after school brought them back to the house fed them and they got ready for their game..Look at those adorable faces..Don't let that fool you, these girls are a HOOT...I only had 1/2 of them today, there is 8 total... Here they are after the game being well their crazy selves..They saw me get the camera out and they start posing as statues.. Itty bitty was heading to the was sooo freezing cold.
My Autumn and Kylie, I could just squeeze them, I have so much fun with these girls, meaning all 8 of them. One more football game to cheer at this season and it has been fun, I will have to still keep them coming over...well every so often...maybe not all 8 at once LOL

Look at this tree, now this says fall and the calender says fall but boy the weather says winter. It was only 40 degrees yesterday windy and rainy, today even colder. We didn't have much of a summer it was like spring weather, but I hope we get some kind of Indian summer around here. Oh 15 more days till ocean and sunshine....I am so looking forward to it all.

I had mentioned in my last post about Hobby Lobby and shopping well I didn't get much, just some floral items I needed to complete a couple arrangements I'm making. It was so hot in the store I asked the clerk about it and she said it has to do with the lights and not going off. they were trying to fix it...I said I'll be back when it's cooler ..Oh these hot flashes of mine. We then went to lunch isn't it what you all do after some shopping? We ate at Applebees, and had a nice lunch and fellowship time. I then had to get home to go to another football game that was away. I went with another mom, I waited for her to get off work because I didn't want her to go alone. The place we had to go was not the best and we even needed police escort there..Isn't that lovely, I wouldn't have went since Hubby was in Pa. and couldn't go but I thought I am not letting my baby girl there without me...All was good except some back talking after the game...and police kept them moving right along....And of course we one by about 5 touchdowns!!
So you all have a wonderful weekend...Hugs Jolyn

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