Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hello to you, hope you had a great weekend. My, I did not think this was ever going to down load tonight. I had to upload each picture one at a time and it took about 2 minutes each...Anyway it is finally time to show what we have been doing in Autumns room. Since the pictures loaded backwards we'll start with this one. This picture, Autumn got at a neighbors garage sale a year ago, the frame was unfinished and the vase was lime green. Hmmm we need to reuse some things we have, but in a new way. So I thought lets try taking the picture out, spraying the frame black with spray paint, then I colored the frame in with a black crayon, Miss Autumn said I can still see green..ok lets get a sharpie and try that...TA DA.. and I put a black bubble dot sticker in middle of each flower. On a side note I was holding the glass to clean and it was slicing my fingers and blood was running down my hand..Autumn says Mom what happened look... Ouch I felt it too...Thank God I did not bleed on the picture!!! Here is my Autumn, in front of her mirror we got at Home Goods, the little night light I got her from Kirklands. Autumn made the monogrammed A picture.. she took a frame we spray painted and added zebra tissue paper that came in a gift, cut a pink ribbon and made her A. The pink round chair she got a couple Christmases ago at Spencer gifts. The darling blanket came from her Aunt as a gift and it is so soft and cuddly. We are still working on her closet door, maybe paint them white or leave brown..Plus I see there is a strip of green we forgot to get..oops. plus new handles we need. and new light switch cover.

Oh sorry about the ceiling light glare. I got her curtains from JC Penney's the picture on the right is a cartoon drawling of her as a cheerleader we had done. We want to mount her TV on the wall.

This is a picture I got with her texting on her phone...and resting. Poor thing has been home for the last 7 days sick with H1N1. feeling better but still has raspy voice and drainage. Keeping her home is very hard, she is always on the go.. As I am blogging this I look at these letters and see I need to go change the M and N I can see the word tum..The M should be up and the N needs to go down..another oops. Her bedding came from Penneys and her Nana made her two Zebra pillows that are very soft. The lamp was from before and she wants it out..We need to look for the right lighting and a small chandelier for the ceiling...So girly girl she is.

A close up of her letters we made. Spray painted the letters in white, took some bubble dot stickers on the letters and made bows for the tops with polka dotted ribbon. Letters from Wal Mart and ribbons and dots from Jo Ann Fabrics.

Isn't she so sweet. She is doing the tiny dots I did the bigger ones..Look at that hair I thought she was taking a nap, it was quiet a long time then she appeared with this new do. She was upstairs using her straightener that has different pieces and she kinked it all over...LOVELY!!

Outside checking to see if the letters are dry yet.

And this was the wall color before, a very bright lime color.. with bright jewel color swags and pink accent decor. This was the only picture I could find fast and it was taken the morning of a sleepover. So there it is, we still have some things to do and we are also replacing the carpet very soon, to a cream color. She loves it and as you can see she is not afraid of COLOR! We got her paint at Home Depot, the new color. I never knew how many shades of pink there are. So we took her pillow in to match it off that and it told us the right color.. Sorry it took us along time to post this, it has been crazy around here. My next post will be the before of my dinning room I got back after being a bedroom for 1 1/2 years..Hmmm I have some ideas for it, but right now it will be done in fall then Christmas, before I do what I really want to do...So I am heading to bed it is 10:45 pm and my STEELERS won today so I will have sweet dreams..Have a great week and give a smile to everyone who crosses your path, better yet tell them HELLO and it will sure make you feel good and so will they, that someone even noticed them...Good night.

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Rue said...

Hi Jolyn :)

Your daughter's room looks really grown up! I especially love the letters and the curtains :)

I hope she feels better soon!