Tuesday, December 8, 2009


How lovely are your branches... Oh sorry I was just singing about the Christmas tree. I have some pictures of my new Christmas tree almost all decorated still need to get my fill in's and beads on plus my topper... But I just couldn't wait to post.. My two turtle doves, Our Jesus stocking always goes at eye level right in the middle of the tree. and of course my church ornament it is white and sparkly.

Here in my family room stands our tree it is a blue spruce 7 1/2 ft tall. I decorate it with a lot of crystal, white, gold and some bronze colors. Now last year I added Wine colored ornaments through out but this year I might add a hint of red I haven't decided. My little westie Lexi sits on the back of this couch and watches the squirals all day long.. The arrangement on the end table I made this year with greens and red poinsettia.

Just a little different view.

Another close up.. this time of my angel and some of the ornaments. Seeing the tree in pictures during the day it looks so bare...but at night with the lights on it is so lovely and peaceful. What do you think I need to get some more ornaments for this new tree that is bigger in height than the other tree...hmmm sounds good to me. I usually get a new ornament every year then wait till after Christmas and buy more..This year I have not found any for this tree that just wowed me.
So we are coming right along with all the decorating. Next I will show you the kitchen and dinette area...Till then slow down take a deep breath and take in all you have done with your decorating and enjoy it..Take time to remember the real reason for this wonderful season..
All my Love,

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