Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Welcome, meet Frosty he is very special and I know he was made with do I know well Frosty was given to me hand made by a wonderful dear special friend of mine named Susie..When I look at Frosty I just see that big smile and that is what comes on my mind when I think of Susie and her family...happy peaceful, fun and loving but most important is they love God with all their hearts and it sure shows...Thank you so much for my Frosty..

A shelf in my dinette area, the shelf was made for me by a dear man in his late 70's and has a lot of meaning to me. I add some greens and poinsettias to it along with a stocking.

Here is my kitchen counter area.

A picture from the kitchen looking into the dinette and family room. My dinette table I designed myself and got to go mix my own stain color up and on the top I have a bow tie pattern put on it and I also got to see the machine cut out the pattern then make the bow ties. I got to glue the bow ties in and press them down into the table like an inlay. I'm still looking for a nice pair of chairs for each end..something different. The table is all made out of black is gorgeous I think.

My Santa dishes are holding my different flavored tea bags.

How cute are these reindeer? My Mom got me these about 20 some years ago and I think they are adorable.

This arrangement sits on the dinette table. I made it last year.

Well I'm still adding and rearranging things. I said I wasn't bringing much out this year, but every time I go downstairs I see something else and bring it up...after this week that is it I'm done...But it is so much fun to create and decorate at this time of year.
Blessings to you,

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