Saturday, December 26, 2009


I hope everyone had a nice safe meaningful Christmas this year. It is hard to believe it is all over, I still had so much more I wanted to do and I was having fun after looking at every ones decorating, trying new things and rearranging mine and re fluffing...Well I have new ideas for next year. This year I was trying to stay calm and relaxed, to keep all the hives and itching away. So we had a calmer less hectic Christmas this year. Our family room Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I ended up adding red poinsettias to my tree this year. I was into red this year, and incorporated it into the gold and green and crystal with whites.

Having my parents here lets them enjoy being with us and their grandchildren, just like today on Christmas morning. They get to watch the kids open their gifts. Here Dad is opening one of his, and Michael just opened his wallet he wanted.

Look at Grandma enjoying Autumn opening her gift..well lets say just Grandma and Autumn got to view it..see the hot pink on my mom's leg that was a new bra for Autumn.. and she is looking at the other one...She said mom I'm not holding these but she did love them...

My Mom gets to hear about the necklace Autumn just opened..of course everything has a story..

We are all watching Michael open this gift...lets see I had two old movies in the box, and wall flowers from bath and body along with a book and carpet tape????? so Grandpa is teasing him about what kind of gift is this...Michael took the dvd movies out first and said I thought we already had these!!! BUT

Here is what was in the box that I was trying to deskies...His I POD Touch..that was one of his gifts and the first thing he mentioned in passing before he got his license that he wanted...Enjoy...After we finished our gifts we had breakfast...even before my parents moved in they always came for Christmas breakfast..we had egg casserole. toast and jelly along with ham and fresh homemade apple butter my MIL just made it was oh so good...there was one tiny problem....we usually have french toast, but since we were cutting things back trying to make things easy Mr. T didn't make it and the Children were devastated but dad you always make your french toast and bacon....Oh boy...he says can I eat first then I will make you some french toast and bacon....yes they got it..It was Christmas day you can he say no???

Later in the afternoon we went to my Aunt Alices house. My cousin Rick and Chris were still there with their little boy RJ, so we got to see them before they left. It was really nice because we usually miss them. They head over to Chris's mom's later in the day.

So here is my Mom again after she got out of her pj's and we are at my Aunt's house..

Here is Autumn and my Aunt at the table with some gifts..and we just finished eating dessert..My Aunt has the tiniest kitchen ever and no dishwasher..but boy does she cook up a storm all the she only has one sink...oh my!! anyway when we got there we had ham and it was the most tender soft not salty ham I have eaten in good..and everything else that goes with it.

Here is my Grandpa..I'm very fortunate to still have him..Last year when we got to my Aunt's he thought Autumn was Michaels girlfriend...had no clue it was autumn and she was devastated..But this year he is doing wonderful and knew us all...Grandpa is 84 years old. here we are finishing up dessert..Let me tell you my Aunt made the best Pecan Pie ever...I had been craving this for a couple months now and did it ever hit the spot there was more ewww and owww's going on at the table YUMMY..My MIL was there also and made a homemade chocolate cake also and there was pumpkin roll to.
After our visit we got home to watch the Cleveland Cav's play Basketball against L A Lakers with Kobe Bryant...Lets just say Lebron and company beat them on their home court !!!!
Then It was Football and I am #1 in the play offs this week and I play #2 for the Championship. Last night one of my guys played along with one of his...Do I say tomorrow Sunday is going to be a big football day at our home!!!!
I hope everyone is doing great all is well and everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your day and God Bless You..

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