Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello, lets start with the fire place area it's always nice and cozy, This picture turned out dark as you can tell, but this is a full view of the mantel and book shelves.

This is a close up. My angel in the middle is from Home Interiors, I got it last year and just love her, I put green garland and lights up and added some pearl and white beading along with some red picks and two white poinsettias. My little Christmas trees I got about 16 years ago from my Aunt. The picture is from Kirkland's I got at least 8 years ago, but I really wanted to keep it up this year, I usually put up a lighted wreath with decor on it , put I just wasn't feeling it this year.

This picture shows the hearth as well as the mantel. I added some greenery to the container on the right and a poinsettia, keeping with a splash of red through out. The mantel itself I designed and had a good friend of ours make it for me. The wood is bowed out it's not straight across, then on top I have black granite and in each side we made a square cut out to add granite in there. My last mantel was small and just went inside the brick between the pillar brick. If I had my choice there would be no oak in my house, but when we built it 17 years ago oak was the thing..And to my hubby it still is.....

Next I will post on the tree and dining room all together. Now I'm going to go make some chili for dinner and wrap some gifts...
Love to you,

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