Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My Autumn before we leave for her Christmas party at Friday's. I thought she looked so pretty in her outfit. We had a fun time shopping for it also. When she put this purple halter top on I said that's it...that was the one...

The girls 7Th through 12Th were all there, I was coming around the corner to take this when Autumn was coming over to show me what she got for the gift exchange Surprised her when I snapped this.

This picture Autumn took of her and I when we got home, she had to take it since know one else was home at the time..

My Autumn and Lexi

And of course Lizzy said what about me, see how she is talking in Autumn's ear?? And Lexi is running off the couch saying wait for me.....

We had a wonderful time I got to spend time with some of the moms that stayed and of course the mom's I was with we are friends and we had a great meal and a lot of laughing and chatting going on...After 4 Fridays has 1/2 price appetizers...that was a nice deal..I split potato skins with a friend and for dinner I got Sizzling chicken and Shrimp with Mashed potatoes..No drinks for me I was designated driver...so coke was my choice..
We have a party this Friday and we are going to see Tran Siberian Orchestra on Sunday, that is a tradition of ours, I'll post on that on Monday for my weekend review..
Love to all, hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas tree and decorations by now and not all frazzled..

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Sue said...

How GORGEOUS Autumn AND her mom look!!! Sounds like a lot of fun!