Saturday, September 5, 2009


HYMMM!! I said nothing and look what I got...My foyer painted...Yippy...He said do you have your color picked for the foyer....aaahhh,,yesss. You bet I grabbed my swatches and away I went picking it out...Oh yes Honey, I want this color. It's by Sherwin Williams, and he was already walking in with the scaffolding. Wow he must have been in the mood to paint..I'm glad I didn't have plans. I should say Oh nothing planned and I could get more done around here...After 25 years of marriage I'm just finding this out...GOOD GRIEF....OK I'm a little slow..LOL Scaffolding going up, I don't know how he does this. Our foyer is two stories high..
My autumn is asking Dad are you sure you will be OK?? Dad says I think...Autumns says YOU THINK!!! MOM dad said....Autumn dear your dad and I built this home our self, everything except brick and block...Dad does know what he's doing..See my two children don't remember when their Dad had a job that was physical, they see him now and what he does..

Anyways, I got off track there, this is the entrance to our home, the circle top window I had wood grids on the very top window and I think I will leave it out for awhile. Boy were the windows and chandelier dusty....

Hubby left to get paint and I started taping the trim. He doesn't need the tape but since I do I think everyone does. He is very good trimming around things. Well that was our day and tomorrow we have a family reunion so I know it won't get finished then, but.. I DON"T HAVE PLANS FOR MONDAY!!!! I will put up after pictures then.

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Sue said...

Wow....Mike sure is talanted! I guess the kids do forget what he used to do....we miss you guys...when can we see each other? Soon, I hope! Will call Miss Autumn to sing to her....give her a hug for us! Miss you!