Monday, September 14, 2009


Hello all, I can smell the scent of fall in the air. It has me wanting to pull out our fall items and change our home for the new season. In our family room I have added some fall decor, changing out alot of white and greens for more oranges and red, fall colors. This is my favorite time of year, time to settle down and fires in the stove, football season and sweatshirts. I can get my jammies on at 5 if I want, because it gets dark early LOL. Anyway the green chair by the fireplace is my parents and it will be gone soon. I have old and new in here, we purchased last year our leather couch and was getting rid of the other couch and love seat. But like the seasons things change, we were adding on to the family, and my parents moved in 14 month's ago. So of course we needed extra seating. I so love the couch and love seat it is very very comfortable but I needed a change and a furniture store was closing, I saw this Italian leather couch and wanted it, price was great. Like my tilted picture!! I couldn't get both lamps in with out a little tilt. Any ways here I had my white lamps, for spring and summer.
Yuk, my picture looks crooked and this is a straight picture. remind self to fix this. Oh couch isn't centered either. Oh this is getting bad. I have to have balance...I will be taking care of this..

OK, I have changed out the lamps to my fall and winter ones. Look how much warmer it all looks.
I wish the light didn't shine on my Thomas Kincaid picture. We got those several years ago, it is the set of three he did for his daughter Winsor. I'm thinking of putting a topper up over them, I just haven't found what I want. If you can keep a secret..OK I know you will ....I don't even want these in the family room...there I said it..but ... I will never mention it to hubby!!!! Well maybe when I get ready to re-do the living room...I might say Oh wouldn't these look so good in the living room???? Then come to think about it, what I want to do in the living room they won't match ukk..

OK, a straight picture, and couch centered, I just had to go fix it and retake this picture before posting. I can breath better now..So what about you, do you change things around alot? Do you get bored with things easy? What changes do you do with the seasons? Right now I am in finishing up stages of main bath, Autumn's room, Spare bed room, and foyer. It is all just the final touches I need to get done and then I will post them all.
I hope you all have a wonderful week, Our weather here in Ohio is supposed to be gorgeous. I need to go get some more mums to plant...Till next time, Love to you and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jolyn,
Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment.
I like the way you changed out the lamps. They make the room seem more warm and inviting for the Fall.

Sue said...

Like the fall lamps...very cool. I love that room...and your big walnut warm and welcoming...I felt at home there immediately. You have a warm gift, my friend! Hope we can come visit soon....maybe for YOUR birthday?! Much love to you!