Tuesday, September 29, 2009


First I want to thank all that have prayed and commented about our little Lizzy. Yesterday she went to the vet, and was checked and had blood drawn along with a urine sample. They ruled out sugar and bladder infection, but was concerned with a disease that affects the uterus. Also looking at kidney's and adrenal glands. Our vet talked to us about them all and our prayer was that it not be any but definitely not the uterus that would be fatal. So we went home hoping and praying for her healing and no bad news. We got our call from the vet today, good news it is not the uterus it has to do with her adrenal glands it is called cushings... there is a tumor on the pituitary gland that can be treated with meds, that work like chemo.. you take it 8 to 9 days and get blood rechecked to see how it is working. But tomorrow they need to do a test on her that will take 8 hours to make sure this is what it is, you don't want to use this med unless it is absolutely it. Or if it is on the pituitary gland it will have to be operated on.
But now today I was up at the school selling t-shirts for football during lunch time and when I got back the bowl of water was still full and no accidents in the house, very good and she seems alittle more lively. It has been 3 hours and she hasn't drank much at all. We might just watch her a couple days and see before doing that test, of course we need to see what our vet says...
Wow this was long sorry, this is what we have been dealing with for the last couple weeks.

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Melissa Miller said...

Hi Jolyn, Oh poor sweet Lizzie. It's so sad when our loving pets are not themselves. I'm praying for her recovery.

Thanks for visiting me today as well. You're always welcome to come by! My hubby is from Dayton, Ohio. ~Go Bucks!

~Blesings and Happy Fall, ~Melissa :)