Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The carpet that is...Oh my my it took this Gentleman 12 hours to lay this carpet. He got here today at 9:45 and left tonight at 10:00 pm...He was very slow but he did a great job. And we found out he knows Jesus as his personal Savior!!! That is awesome. Any way Dad is off tomorrow and wants to get the bedroom and living area moved in...They are so excited for their new place or so excited to get away from us LOL It may be a little of both, but we all can understand that. So the first picture here is their main entrance door, the door their friends and loved ones will come to, to visit them. The pink paper on the hard wood floor is left down for the carpet guy to set his things on with out scratching the floor. Also see the sweeper vac right behind that is phase 3. we will be making a doorway right behind it for the bathroom. But 2ND phase is the kitchen that will be put up in October, it goes on the rest of the hard wood floor, see where the bedroom doors are leaning that is all kitchen.
Good old Mom you never know when she will show up. Actually she was in bed, but got excited when she found out the carpet was done and the guy was gone...She had to come and see!!! The door she is coming through goes from our laundry room into her HOME.. that is how we get back and forth....Dad and I both agree there will be big huge locks on both keep mom on her side and keep dogs and kids on their side Ha Ha...We so love them.....

Here is Daddy stepping back and taking a good look at their new HOME or I forgot LOVE NEST as Mom calls that not so cute...Autumn says stop that is gross....We just laugh and laugh. Anyway Dad is standing just in from their front door looking into the bedroom see the doors are missing, they had to be taken down for the carpet to get laid. Dad also put all the wood blinds up yesterday it looks so nice. I hung the fall wreath on the sliding door going out to the patio. Mom got it for her birthday. we want to hang it on the front door for guest to see but I need to find a magnet hook like I have for the steel door.

This is bedroom as you walk in.

Mom as she came in through the laundry room into her Home. Just wait till tomorrows post..There will be furniture and it will start looking like home. Till then take care and I am heading to bed to get rest for the busy day tomorrow.

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