Saturday, August 29, 2009


My first picture didn't turn out and I don't know how to fix it SORRY... Oh where do I begin. A lot of firsts, 1st time cheering at football game, 1st time to cheer with varsity girls, a 1st for putting up fence signs and a 1st for the BIGGEST LIGHTNING BOLT AND THUNDER EVER!! It's after school on Friday and I picked 1/2 the girls up along with another mom getting the other 1/2....and away to the stadium we went...all fence signs need put up. OK... this is not only her 1st but mine also..Me being the parent rep for our girls I'm going first to let all who go after me know how this is done..We had 80 to put up, we put them up with zip ties, three per sign..Alright I'm ready , girls lets do it...We worked fast, the freshman girls were like WOW we never got done this fast....I'm thinking well you never had me here ...lets keep moving right along girls.. If I didn't we would still be there with them talking and texing and.....OK I can do this simple no problem...Well we had a storm coming from the west I thought it would hit us around 6 hubby said 7:30...Lets just continue right along with the wind BLOWING so hard we had to put a zip tie on the bottom also.

I did keep them moving ..but I always have time for a picture..I'm thinking we are in kansas...DORATHY.....WIZARD OF OZ...STORMS I think you got it.

I needed to stop over to the pavilion where the girls were going to be eating dinner at before the big game...It was decorated so nice. Out front there was a big sign that read NORTH CANTON LOVES THEIR CHEERLEADERS..I thought that was soo precious. But seeing it was 3:40 and I had to get all girls to our house to get ready and be back to the pavilion by 5:00, I missed getting the picture in all the hustle and bustle and yes wind and very tropical weather.

Some of our spirit day shirts just in. Yaaa!!

Got home and they all went up stair to get ready, I was down in the office and you could here them and it was so darn cute. Brought back a lot of memories and they did hair and calling for time check on how much time they had and laughing and singing along with giggles...Well you see my sweet Autumn always makes fun of her dad and I about how we sit and look at our flowers and keep planting and buying...So there you have it, Let's smell Mrs. T's flowers....You silly girls

Is this just so cute all 5 of them you have to look for Chloe on the right, she's blowing a kiss. I guess you can see we had a couple minutes for pictures before leaving.

Look at the sky...yes I know balloons but it's getting darker and more clouds and rain was in the air...It is now start of game, players running out on field and balloons released..7:30

How much fun, Did you all like the Friday night games?? This one was real exciting and we were winning, Autumn is cheering, and it starts, just came back 2 minutes after 1/2 time thunder and lightning...WE NEED EVERYONE TO LEAVE THE STADIUM IMMEDIATELY DO NOT RUN TAKE NEAREST EXIT, DUE TO WEATHER WE MUST CLEAR FIELD RIGHT AWAY...and they all started moving fast..and so did the got really windy and more thunder closer along with wild lightning bolds. I was so glad at 1/2 time I headed to the truck with hubby, we knew it was coming he looked at radar on his phone....All I could think about is Autumn where are you girls, then the phone rings Mom I'm at the main gate..stay there till we get around to you then cross the street....It didn't start raining yet..I kept saying please dear Lord let everyone get to their cars. We got our baby and headed home 5 minutes away, when all of a sudden THE LOUDEST BRIGHTEST LIGHTNING BOLD HIT RIGHT IN FRONT OF US..YES We SCREAMED so loud, never in 45 years have I ever heard or saw anything like it.

Then the gates opened and it Poured..9:15 pm it let loose... My lovely sweet daughter says CAN I STILL SPEND THE NIGHT AT CORRI N'S!!!!!! Yes and I went right to bed...See Saturday was another first..

YOU GO BABY GIRL....LOVE THAT JUMP!!!! Yes I finally got the jump at the right time. Today we are at Fawcett Stadium where they hold the Hall Of Fame game. All 8Th grade teams were playing today, this is a very big deal for them to play on this field. Our poor girls had the sun in their faces the whole time, but they did great.


Game is over and we won!!! that always is a good thing, we played Massillion and that is even better...We can say things like this because it's football right???

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Sue said...

Whoo Hoo!!! Squwiggy is cute...but Autumn is way cuter! Love the cheerleading pictures and update....really brings back memories for ME!!! Every Friday night for 4 years! Sounds like you are having lots of fun as the team mom...busy,too! Talk to you soon! Much love to everyone! Maybe we can come some weekend and see a game!