Saturday, August 22, 2009


What a great family fun weekend we had. First of all my pictures are backwards ..LOL so lets start with Sunday. After church we all were going to work in the yard doing more rototilling and grass planting. I was working in the flower beds. My Aunt and Uncle stopped by what a treat to see them. My Uncle hasn't seen my parents new home we are building. So we all sat around on the patio and visited for awhile. We got dad's lap top computer out to show them some pictures. Of course we needed to pass the computer around for all to see. Wow has times changed, we used to pass the picture itself around...How funny. My parents along with my Aunt and my mother-in-law who also stopped by on her way home from church. It was a nice day. We had roast and potatoes for dinner, it smelled so good cooking all day. We had doors and windows open, it was only in the 70's today. Very relaxing no make up, hair pulled back, ahhh
Now moving back to Saturday, Friday was my dad's birthday but we celebrated Friday and Saturday. That's always good!!! So here is my sweet boy along with my niece, you know my Michael doesn't like his picture taken so when I pulled out the camera he moved away. But Sydney got a hold of him with a great big hug.....PRICELESS
My parents, my family and my brother and his family met at this Italian restaurant Dad wanted to eat at.. We got there everyone had directions hummmm or did they........We should have known, see my brother is not the best with directions and let's just say....after 45 minutes being late and we ate our appetizers...we said someone better give them a call. Michael looks at his phone and says I have a missed call guess who.......YEP they were lost....Lets see one vehicle with built in gps, plus a gps that goes into any vehicle and map quest.....Need I say more...After dad calling and taking him street by street they joined us......I LOVE YOU JOEY.....Lori did say it wasn't his fault map quest was wrong....What did Lori get for that cover up LOL

Anyways. here they are with my little Tyler...He will be 1 years old this month.

My parents as we are getting ready to leave for dinner. They have been married 45 years, and they were high school sweethearts...

Moving back to Friday, dad's real birthday day. Happy 65Th birthday dad, we pray for many more.OH presents, We got Dad a real nice Green pull over trimmed in navy. That would be the shirt he has on in the picture from Saturday night dinner.

we all sang Happy Birthday to Dad, without candles...but oh no Dad had to act like he was blowing out the candles....I got him a Chocolate blizzard Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen.

We went to one of the chicken houses in Barberton to get a chicken dinner, it was just the 6 of us. Look at the birthday boy, he was ready to eat... Oh so good....Not as good as CHICKEN BUCKET CHICKEN Suzie!!!!!

Thank you for following me through our weekend, I think we ate and visited with family and ate and then ate some more thank god tomorrow is Monday I will start my diet then, isn't that the way it goes??? Well till next time, I need to go to Dairy Queen for my Chocolate Brownie blizzard blast......LOL

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Sue said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!!! Give Dad a huge hug for me, and tell him "Happy Birthday"!!! Love the picture of your mom and dad...still sweethearts! Much love to all of you! And...I WILL make you chicken bucket chicken!!! Love, Suzie