Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My baby girl is leaving for her first day of 8Th grade...I'll miss you baby girl...love you . Have a great dayyyy. And she was gone....In her mind she was YES first day I love the team I'm on have my friends with me... And Kelsey rides my bus again this year WOO HOOO!!! As a mother I'm so happy that she is happy and ready BUT...oh well. Lets say she started getting ready for her first day when she got up yesterday..Yep she said come on mom lets get our last minute items and lunch stuff ect..... then when we got home around 5:00, away she went laying all clothes out for the first day , earrings check, necklace check, shoes check, bag check, supplies and medical forms check, Then she needed to shave and do nails of course toes had to be pink and fingers had to be a french manicure....then hair...how should I wear it MOM....I think we all hit the bed around 10 and baby girls was just finishing up....All of a sudden she comes in my bedroom Mom.....yahhhh I can't sleep......I wanted to say welcome to my world, But of course I said Honey just lay down and get your lights off, and your TV and your cell.......then just maybe you can sleep...1/2 hour later I checked she was out....At 5:45 am I hear that stupid I mean I hear that cell phone alarm very loudly singing...Now I remember why I hated school to start...Her alarm goes off, then again...meanwhile My Michael's goes off very loud beeping and he NEVER shuts it off because it doesn't wake him up.....So I lay there listening to dulling alarms. MEMORIES...
Here is our yearly show me your grade with those fingers picture....8Th grade last year of middle school.....YIKES. Have a wonderful fun and blessed year sweet Autumn.

You are so darn cute...I want to be just like you when I grow up!!!! I always tell her that..she laughs at me....and says MOM...no I want to be like you....Remember Autumn keep a sweet heart..
I love you.

This picture says it all. I'm out of here and know picture..What is it about 16 year olds...Oh and he no way would think of riding that school bus not him no way...Thank God he has friends that drive...He wasn't interested to start his driving at 15 1/2 like they did at 16 he still wasn't to ready till Dad drove him up there and said get in there and get your book to study..Yep your right he didn't need to study it he already knew it all...So dad said to him then go take your written test.....hmmm but he did and you got it he FAILED... but only missed by one. So waited 2 or 3 days and back he went and past. So now he has his temps, and says I wish I would have started sooner.....YES I WANTED TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO.....Anyway back to him leaving for his first day. Bye honey, I love you....have a great day....as he is walking to the car I'm saying this as I stand on front porch..

So sweet wonderful son of ours this is the picture you want as your first day of 11Th grade FINE you got it...My Michael got up got dressed ate and then thought hymmm I might need to take a folder and pencil...2 minutes before he was leaving..Autumn he says do you have extra folder. No way was she giving up any of her supplies, besides they are all girly girly...Son I said lets go to the supplies drawer here is a folder, paper and pen and Autumn gave him one of her mechanical pencils..That was his extent of getting ready for school....And he is an A,B student go figure.LOL
I do pray that they both have a safe, healthy happy school year. Enjoy Michael and Autumn I love you both so very much..

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