Monday, August 10, 2009


Here is the score at half time, @ the hall of fame game. Looks like Titans will have another great year.

Getting ready for the big game Titans running on the field.

Here they were swearing in a new group for the military. These people have all chosen to protect us The UNITED States of America. I praise God for them all.

Before going into the stadium, we had VIP passes to one of the tents and we go to go in and eat have something to drink. Listen to the d.j. and dance if you wanted. At 95 degrees, I past on that. But it was air conditioned. Here is Dad and Michael, Michael's friend David came along as well as Hubby and I.

The pictures of the cheerleaders are for Autumn, Isn't football all about the cheerleaders???

It ended up being a nice night with a breeze, wasn't as humid as I thought it would be. We also got to back right next to the stadium, which was a God thing, The guy that does our painting has rentals there and he saved us a spot to park. Wooo Hooo.

Moving right along to Friday night at the Rascall Flatts Concert along with Darius Rucker (HOOTIE) from Hootie and the blow fish. This is Rascal Flatts.

We went to see them here at Blossom, it is an outside concert venue. It holds Alot of people they have pavilion and lawn areas. We had very great seats center middle in pavilion. BUT I got sooo very car sick on the way there, If you have never got motion sickness then you have know clue what I'm talking about. Plus I already had a Sinus headache and it was very humid and hot..OK I think you got what I'm trying to say. I felt like I wanted to die....Then we had to walk thru grass, gravel then walk ways about 2 miles or more to get into blossom. Let me tell you I had to stop and lean against a lamp post. I thought I was going to pass out. That's enough about my horrid sickness and lets get on to the concert.

When we did make it to our seats. It was Darius That started out. All I can say is he was fabulous..awesome I so enjoyed him. I kept video taping him so when it came to pictures I didn't get much..

Then out came the Rascal Flatts. They did good also, But I must be a bigger Darius Fan. So they said their good-byes to us and away they went till next year. So many people thought....We knew they were coming back out and Darius was going to come out with them. So fans were all leaving, grass area clearing out and then Out they came again and everyone just stopped. They played about another 1/2 hour and it was awesome the best part....
I can tell you now that I would never go back to blossom in the heat and have to park so far away. Going back it was all up hill and once we got to our car we never took it out of park for at least an hour. But we did make it home by 2 am.


Sue said...

Crazy girl!!! What a WILD weekend you had! What....are you a teenager again?! Sounds like a blast, and I'm glad you had fun. Love you! sue

Love the Decor! said...

Hi there, Looks like a fun weekend!
I wanted to answer your paint question. Yes, you can paint over a semi gloss paint. It will cover best if you primer first. The semi-gloss has a shiny, slick surface, so putting a paint with less of a sheen will not adhere to the slicker surface very well. It has been my experience that no matter how wonderful the claims are, no paint I have ever used has covered completely without some touch up or second coat. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask anything again and I will try to help.

Love the Decor! said...

My daughter just painted (we all did) a raspberry color and even tho they said we shouldn't have to we had to second coat it even after primer. She decorated in black and white accents. Very pretty and reminds me of your cute blog page. Hope your daughter loves her room.