Saturday, May 8, 2010


To all you wonderful Mother's. I pray you had a wonderful day, and you were treated like a queen.

I found some pictures I have been looking for, they were on another hard drive...Our Cancun pics, and Disney along with Hershey and Christmas's. This is one I found from a Mother's day awhile ago. We were at the Zoo.

Me and my little princess about 7 years ago..

This is Autumn and I last Christmas 2009

Mother's day banquet from church about 5 years ago, with my Mother-in-law Autumn and I. My Mom and Aunt was there also.

My Autumn and I last month for my cousins wedding

This is the three generations.

Me and my Mommy.. at my Aunts about 2 years ago.. I love you Mom and I am so very blest to have you...Happy Mother's day MOM..
Today we all went to church then went out to dinner with my Mom and my Mother- in -law. It was a cold day not really out of the 40's but the sun was shinning.
We got home and had to watch game 4 of the cav's and celtics playoff....And cav's lost so it is now a 2-2 series. My brother and Ty stopped over to see Mom and My Aunt and Uncle stopped by to visit...It is nice having family in for a visit, Just like Sunday were when I was little..
I pray everyone has a wonderful week..

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