Wednesday, May 5, 2010


WOW 26 years we are celebrating today..It feels like yesterday, but yet feels like we've been together forever. I posted some pics of us through the last several years. Our family reunion 2 years ago at Kennywood in PA.

Christmas this year...09

My cousins wedding in April 2010

reception .

Heading out for the evening. 2009

Hawaii 2008

Dole Plantation in Hawaii 2008

Hawaii 2008

At a luau in Hawaii

Diamond Head Hawaii

Cruise Ship[ we took to the Hawaiian Islands

Just arrived to our room on the ship.

Puerto Rico 2009

Hibachi dinner in Puerto Rico 2009

Us at the Cavilers Basketball game. 2009

Relaxing down at Amish Country...summer 2009

In Amish Country with Sue and Ron great friends, Sue and I childhood Friends.... 2009
Many years of ups downs, good bad, sickness and health,births of our children, and many special moments that out weigh it all... I pray for many more great years together...
All my love Sweetheart,
your shnooky....xoxo

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Rettabug said...

Congratulations, Jolyn & Mike!! Wow, you guys have gone to some wonderful places! Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Amish Country, Kennywood, Virginia Beach, downtown Cleveland...-(tee-hee) Just kidding! I'd love to have a loge at Gund Arena!

I hope you both have many, many more happy & healthy years together. (I read about your health issues in an older post) We're coming up on #24 next year. I hope hubby makes it to our Silver Anniversary.

Belated Happy Birthday to your son, too! He looks like he's a really nice kid. You are thrice blessed.