Friday, June 4, 2010


To me...What is going on with all of a sudden I'm hearing of people having bleeding in the head. Here is Bret Michael he was lead singer for the group Poison. He just had bleeding in his brain, along with other health problems. He is still dealing with headaches and some mobility. My heart is in prayer for him, He said in an interview I'm hear for a reason angels or something out there must be with me...He needs to know that Jesus IS there. Bret needs the Lord.

Then Gary Colemen last week passed away from a bleed....I remember watching the show Different Strokes...he was so darn cute on that...may he RIP.
This all touches me so deep, see if you have read my blog for awhile I went through a brain aneurysm and spent a month in the hospital and had brain surgery. It is only through prayer and the grace of God that I am here today to raise my children. I have no side effects except nerves and anxiety..I can deal with that...
My thing is there are no groups or anything around here for support and awareness for aneurysms...I would love to get something going on that for survivors of this...Or do something to help those that have survived but not fully recovered....I am searching on ways and what to do, if anyone has any info or knows of someone that has survived I would love to know about them and talk with them.
Thanks for reading this, it is not very up lifting , but something very dear to me.


Charlotte's Color Specialist said...

I don't know what to say … I can suggest starting your own support group on -there might already be a group there for you to join.

Best of luck, stay healthy!

Rettabug said...

Hey there, Jolyn!

I read about your injury when I first found your blog. You truly ARE blessed to have survived without permanent disabilities.

Have you checked this site for a group in your area?


Our daughter-in-law suffered a stroke as a result of a medication error while in the hospital. She was left with weakness on the left side of her face & hand. She lives in IL but made us aware of the Ohio Brain Injury site awhile back.

Maybe they can put you in touch with others in your area? I hope so!