Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Let our day begin, My Autumn and niece Sydney at 4 am in the morning all bright and smiley, ready for our 4 hour trip to....

Nascar at the Michigan Speedway in Brooklyn Michigan....Ta Da we arrived....it is now 9:30 am

We had Hot Passes to go in the garages and down on pit row...Here is hubby and I in the garage of the Red Bull Car...we learned a lot. This is where they do all the official check and measuring to make sure car is good for race on Sunday. With out any parts that are not aloud..Very tight quarters..

Our rep from Red Bull Racing Team, She was terrific and treated us like royalty...This is Red Bulls Trailer..She flew in from Charlotte to host us for the day. We are with Red Bull because they are Vendors for my husband.

We are now in the pit, with all the cars, the drivers and their team. This pic was of some of our military carrying our flag for the National Anthem.

Mike and I are standing up in the Red Bull Box, This is where the communication goes on with the driver during the race. What a view it is up there.

Her is Jeff Gordan

Kasey Kahne.

This is Jimmy Johnson's spot endorsed by Lowe's. This is his team sitting on the wall before race started.

This picture is priceless. My husband is shaking hands with Mr. Rick Hendrick...Owner of several drivers. Very nice man. Gives to a lot of charity's and he is Very wealthy..and down to earth...Great Guy. My cousin Kelly is just looking at Mike, I love this pick...

Mr. Rick Hendrick signing Mike's Hot Pass...

Our picture with the Red Bull Driver. My cousin Mike and Kelly and us.

another driver in the Pit.

Meet Kevin Havick a driver, one of my brother's favorite.

Kevin Havick again. Then it happened I saw Jimmy Johnson walking my way walked over to get his picture after bumming in to Tony Stewart and got ready to snap the picture Of Jimmy and...The battery died in the camera.....That ended my pictures for the day. Oh and why are my pictures black and white....My sweet Daughter had it on Black and white when she used it last. I never knew the camera did that I thought you ordered them that way....I learned I need to check everything.....
Oh P.S. to those I am driving nuts whith my spelling....I love you..!!!!


Charlotte's Color Specialist said...

What fun! We have the NASCAR Hall of Fame here in Charlotte ( 15 minutes from my house) and it was so much fun!! Check it out online for details. I bet your kids will remember it forever!

Denise said...

Neat pictures :) Just wanted to say hello, hope you're having a great week.
Denise :)

Sue said...

Oh! Ron & I loved the pictures! (we were wondering why they were all sepia tinted! LOL) You bumped into Tony Stewart?! AND...JIMMY JOHNSON?!?! My favorite!!! Then....YOUR BATTERY DIED?!?! JOLYN!!!! Always keep extra batteries! LOL This looked like way too much fun! Love you!

Designs on 47th Street said...

I enjoyed seeing all your fun pictures! Very fun!
Thanks so much for your nice comments about my mother a while back. She is slowly getting better!