Saturday, June 26, 2010


Ok the next phase has begun, we have started the bathroom and laundry area of my parents place. Michael looking out of what is know the bathroom window.

It used to be the side garage door.

Before anything could start we needed to do some major cleaning, or should I say throwing away a lot of STUFF...

This is enough to give anyone that is any kind of neat organized person a major anxiety attack. HELP!!!! How embarrassing.

Dad and Hubby putting siding up to cover up where the side door was.

TA Da we have a floor and the shower is lifted up onto the floor of the bathroom/laundry room

Time to build the wall. Look at these two, they actually went to Home Depot and had same family reunion shirt on and jean shorts.....Dad changed his shorts to older work ones...but... Anyway they have little Teet in there helping.

Here goes the wall. It is up and next is pluming and electric...stay tuned. Right now my parents are using the powder room and having to go up to the children's bathroom for their showers. We could just share a laundry room, but this way we all have our personal space...(really it's because mom can't stand to see clothes needing washed and she can't get caught up with us and all the
I believe it was this time of year two years ago when we started this process of building a suite for my parents to stay with us. It has been one of the best things we have done. All is good, I believe my parents feel comfortable and good that they are right here if ever they have a need. Plus the best part is they have that daily time with my children, whether it's 5 minutes or how are you or guess what I did today or what are you watching...
I so loved and miss my grandparents, and I so feel it is such a special relationship to be able to have...I have one grandfather left and he is now 84, I try to see him when I can and have him over. My grandpa loves being with his great grandchildren he just lights up when with them..
Anyway I feel very blessed to be able to have this time and this living arrangement with my parents...I love you Dad and Mom..

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