Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Just needed to type some things that I've been dealing with and thinking about lately. I feel at times our role as women in the home, is underminded.

Do we as Mom's think to be a good Mother we need to do all the work ourselves, not wanting to make our children have to do chores or help us out?

After thinking about this and hearing others say I never had to do this when I was a child or I had to do everything when I was younger, and I'm not having my children do this, their only young once. And listening to my children's friends talk on what they do or don't have to do at their homes, I'm thinking isn't Homemaking a vital part of life?

It is not meant to be a punishment, but a part of learning, a part of belonging and helping out as a family unit.

In doing tasks it lightens the load for all. It gives us a sense of belonging to the family. Pitching in and carrying our share of the load, the responsibility's of things that need done.

To work is normal, it isn't that we are being mean. We all need to be able to cook, wash our laundry, iron, ect. This is life lessons. I don't even know in school if they still have home ec. We learned how to cook,and to sew.

Is this not part of our duties as a Mom to train our children and prepare them in this area for their life as they get out on their own?

Now in saying this all we have worked on this in our home. My children have always had tasks they need to do as a part of our family helping each other.

Boy there have been days when they just don't want to do a thing and you have asked many times to get this done...

Then there are days when you are out running errands and you come home to find the home spotless. Or a room all cleaned with out me having to say a word...Yes those days can be few but when they do happen it is such a great feeling. They feel so proud of themselves and you feel so good to see how they have learned. It also makes one happy Momma to come home to this. I feel so good as a Mother raising my children to know Homemaking skills.

So when I think about my role as a mom, this is one area in training my children. Their are many others, like the most important one to us is their relationship with the Lord Jesus, having a tender soft heart, loving others, being respectful, obeying others, and the list goes on. I have been thinking about the area's I feel I have not been a good example or not been patient enough with my children at times. Being a parent sure doesn't come with a manual or classes we all get one shot at it.
My children are both in high school now, and time goes by so very fast. I am a stay at home mom by choice, I thank my God for allowing me to be home. This is what we feel is best for us. I am not putting anyone else down or saying you are less if you didn't. I wanted to be home and I thank God for answering this prayer. I also have been truly blessed to have almost 11 more years with my children that I almost didn't get because of my Brain Anyurium that ruptured... Lord God I thank you for letting me raise my children, that you have blessed us with.
My Michael is now out in the work force, and is learning different skills in his life. My Autumn can't wait to get a job and work...She just see's shopping, so we will be working on teaching about saving and how to not get into debt with her...she still has over a year to be able to work..
I love you both so very much, forgive me when I don't always handle things the best way I should, and always know I only want the best life for you both...

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Sue said...

You are a loving, excellent mother, my friend! we are all learning on this ride called parenting...each child is different, and responds differently...but we have the Word to guide us. Can't wait to see you guys~ 2 more days!