Sunday, July 4, 2010


My second family. Sara on the right had spent 8 nights with us and we were heading to PA. to take her back home.

We went to my Dear friend Lori's as we did last year on the 4th, A lot of celebrating goes on, on this day here. First is little Ty's 2nd birthday, and Sara's Dad Ron's birthday. On the 4th Lori's hubby Todd gets lot's of fireworks and sets them off. Let's say it makes some city fireworks look like nothing compared to Todd's. They go all out for this.. Anyway we didn't stay for the show this year my allergies were awful and Autumn had a parade she was in today for cheering.

Meet Little Ty...well big Ty he is 2 now...

My second Mom growing up and my sweet friend Susie.

Here is two wonderful men, My Hubby and my second childhood papa.... Susie's dad.

Ronnie, is Susie's son...and a great boy..he loves his sports, and is a really big Penguins fan. Ronnie is 8.

Time to eat...Here comes Susie with Anna Banana's plate...Little Anna is the youngest of Susie's children. Let's see Anna told my Aunt Jolyn I am 5 now and I graduated from kindergarten and I am now in 1st grade....Way to go Anna!!!

Oh here is two very sweet loving lady's..On left is a dear friend from Idaho Gabrielle and on right is Susie's oldest Meghan.. Gabrielle is visiting for 3 weeks, we had the pleasure of having her stay over with us last weekend...When all the girls were here to drop Sara off for her stay with us for the week.

3 cheers for the red white and blue..oh I mean Autumn, Sara and Tina....Tina is Pammy's daughter...and Pammy is Susie and Lori's sister...Tina also has a twin brother Justin..

Gabrielle, Autumn, Tina and Ron and his Mom Ro.. It is Ron's birthday also..And Ron is Susies hubby and Meghan, Sara, Ronnie and Anna's Dad....LOL
Thank you so much my Buncheck family for another wonderful day with you all. All our love.

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Sue said...

Love you, too ,my friend!