Sunday, July 18, 2010


Meet my wonderful sweet neighbor Pam, here we are at a mother daughter banquet a couple years ago.

And here is our precious daughters, Autumn and her Lauren. What a great time we always have when we are together.

Now Autumn and Lauren have been friends since they could both be out to play together. At Least 11 years...We have lived across the street from each other for almost 18 years...Wow that seems like a life time... Lauren has 3 brothers, they are all around Michael's age...Anyway you get the point...close neighborhood friends.

This past weekend, Lauren celebrated her 14th birthday down at their cabin. This picture was taken from across the lake looking at the back of their cabin.

What a tranquil place this is, it's all private, peaceful and quiet.

Us pulling up to their cabin this weekend to drop of Autumn. See she had tag day for cheer and couldn't go Friday night, so of course it all worked out that she could take the early shift and then we headed straight to the cabin and was there by 12:30.

We had a fun time. Us Adults took a golf cart around the lake, and down to the dam. There are no speed boats or engines aloud on this lake. So you don't get the noise or the fumes.

I took this pic as I was standing down on the dock looking up to the cabin. I went down there to get pictures of all the butterflies but I didn't get a good one, oh well maybe next time.

Mike and Larry was putting in one of the canoes for the girls.

This is the road that goes in to the cabins.

Here is the dam.

See out in the water that is my girl and Lauren out on rafts floating up the lake. I caught this as Mike and I was leaving.

Here is another cabin, they made it like a log cabin..A groundhog just scared the geese when it ran toward them....

Now here is a cabin for sale..about 4 down from our friends.

Hmmmm let's check it out..

This has potential, and it is all one floor and that would work for my mom. Right on the lake. It looks newly remodeled on the inside.. price is good we could make an offer...This is what we have always wanted, a place to get away on the weekends....Lets talk and think about this....Now after some talking and thinking....We would have to pass at this season of our lives...Michael headed to collage next year and Autumn's expenses alone lol...Maybe another time in our life....But we can still drop by and visit our dear Friends...

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