Friday, July 16, 2010


Will this be the one? My Michael really liked the University, he went yesterday to check it out.

Michael during his tour of campus.

He went with good friends of ours and here he is at the pool the night before. This is my baby..where did time go..what happened to 2yr old and first day of kindergarten, tee ball and swimming lessons....

This is a very good friend of Michael's named David..they our touring around. The last several months since he turned 17, it seems that he has matured and grown so much more independent. He was working two jobs....after we kept telling him you need to get a job, he got one and it was only till July then he got another working at a Distribution Center. For about 3 weeks he was working both. Now full time at the D.C..
Everything he does this year in school is his last at school..I pray for such a happy,good, healthy Senior year for my boy..
Oh Michael I so love you, and I am so very proud of you and who you are...Always lean on the Lord for your direction and guidance.
Love you, Mom

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Sue said...

Don't they grow up SO fast?! What a touching post, my friend! No doubt how much you love your family! Tell them all "Hi" for me, and give our Autumn a hug! (Mike, too)...(you can hug Michael too....I know you love to do that!) And....know that I could use a nice Jolyn hug, too!