Thursday, April 28, 2011


THE LIVING ROOM... Yes the piano has sold and the desk and cherry file cabinet has sold. In the next couple weeks we will have it all out of the living room and we can then start the re-do. This is the table tops that will be going in this room.

My paint color will be this one that we used in master bath, family room and kitchen area. It is called Hazelnut Cream..It is creamy with a tad hint of gray. I really like the fresh, bright, clean look it gives.

This blue is the color of the two wing chairs that will also be in the room.

A picture of two of the tables.

Found a pic from google of the chairs.

This is a picture of some of the colors that will be in our living room like wall color, chairs, We have two windows in this room not one big but was thinking about curtains...hmm do I go with a pattern something like this or Go with a pewter silvery color...I want to stick with a modern traditional, with a elegant glam feeling...with crystal, glass, grays, ?????

Again looking at navy, wall color, and pattern curtains...not style of this room... we will be putting new carpet in...Do I go Plush or Berber? What about adding hardwood flooring with area rug??? The foyer and stairway is all oak floor and steps along with railing...I so don't like the 90's orangish oak...Can I put a darker walnut wood floor in here or not?

So I have decisions to make and I want this room as a wow factor a room for me to escape to to read in or do my blog in or just sit and watch the birds in...

What will I end up...Stay tuned to the process..Any suggestions would be wonderful..

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