Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Walls are painted furniture put back in place. Swag and holder was not put back up..Looking for Drapes...Something different than Swag. But not a lot of heaviness, I love this window open, so I can see out into the back yard. This wall was a dark wineish color..Now gone!!
On this side of the family room it was painted a tan taupe color. Now look at the light refreshed color, Hazelnut Cream from Beher.

Trimming it out..WoW what a difference this will make.. I'm so excited..I went with the dark and now that I'm tired of it, I couldn't get rid of it fast enough!!

More trimming, it continues from family room through dinette area into kitchen..Mr T has went from hating painting to now an awesome painter...no need for taping off for him..and he does fabulous around the ceiling...

A new purchase from Kirkland's, I fell in love with this pic.

A week later, after hanging what I thought I wanted above the couch, I just wasn't feeling it. So back to Kirkland's I went and got the picture that goes very well with my last purchase.

TA DA..this is pic of left side of family room, added a new black leather chase lounge, new pillows made by my MIL.

Our new couch, and more pillows made by my MIL, you can see some of my drapes I purchased at JC Penney's. I was able to get rid of our other couch and a chair. Still need to get rid of the love seat and another chair....lol

Here is my new picture from Kirkland's with a mirror I had and the sconce I had.

This picture is the view of the right side of our family room.. I am totally enjoying the all the new in here... couch, chair,chase lounge, pillows, my curtains, curtain rods, and the nice light coloring of Hazelnut Cream paint...Not liking the cords showing by the plant!! Anyway when I get some final items done I will show completion of the whole room..
Still working on built in's and mantal...Enjoy your day..

HUGS, Jolyn

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