Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello, since it is spring and after a long winter, we need to be outside so after the bathroom re do I am not to sure much more will happen inside till fall...Well maybe a few things...ha ha... This black rod iron backers rack I got last year at a garage sale for 5.00. what a steal it was and needed nothing done to it. But this year it needed a touch up and I wanted some color on my patio. This a picture of it after I started spray painting it and ran out, good thing or I wouldn't have a before..

This picture shows you a little bit of my patio with the umbrella, see the color in it. I have cushions to match but I don't want to show it all right now, it is a work in progress. More on patio later.

I bought these to candle holders at World Market they were 2 for 10.00. I really liked the colors. They go out on the patio also.

When at bed bath and beyond I also purchased 6 of these black napkins for the dining room at .99 each. regular 3.99 and i got 6 of the napkin holders for .99 each regular 2.99 each. The napkins are really nice.
Well got things to do and a daughter to get somewhere so I will chat with you soon. Have a wonderful night.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Nice finds! Like your baker's rack.
Thanks for stopping by reading along - hope I don't get to boring for you.
Enjoy your weekend.

Cheri said...

Jolyn, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. And I especially thank you for your continued prayers. It means the world to me!!

I love all your projects - keep inspiring us!