Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Taking care of those in my home that are not feeling to good. Last Wednesday my Autumn got sick and off school two days. Sunday night my Mom and Hubby didn't feel to good and by Monday morning I had my Mom in powder room, my Hubby in master bath and my son calling me at 7:15 am saying I'm turning around I can't go to school I feel sick and he took the main bathroom...Oh boy so not much is getting done here except spraying lysol and cleaning. UGG!!

Last week I took a walk around our front yard and this is how things are looking. This is me taking a picture from driveway across the front yard...AHH green and buds.

Look close at the bottom there is a little tiny johnny jump up growing in the middle of a bush we dug up last year and some of it grew back.

Some of my phlox and yellow tulips.

It looks like it snowed.. nope it is my blooms from our pear tree.

awww look another johnny jump up.. they pop up everywhere..

We also got mulch a couple weeks ago and got it all laid. We still need about another yard.

Here are my grape hyicthins. We dug these up last year from a mall area that closed up and these were in the middle of a parking lot full of weeds. So this is are first year to see them in bloom.

This is a bush we got I forgot the name it blooms little pink flowers almost like carnations but tiny.
I hope to get back to finishing my bakers rack for the patio, we have had so much rain. Today is sunny but cooler about 58 degrees.
Have a wonderful week and enjoy all your blooms in your yards...Can't wait for my lilacs..

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Sue said...

Oh, Jolyn! Praying that everyone feels well soon! And...praying that you don't get it, too! Your flowers look lovely...we have the 'johnny jump-ups' too...Anna loves them! Give Miss Autumn a hug for us! We missed you all so much this weekend...but hope everyone is back to normal soon!