Friday, April 23, 2010


Welcome,, thanks for stopping by and checking out what in the world I'm up to now. It's my teenagers bathroom. This is what I'm working with UGGG.. I painted last fall, the color was to be a lighter gray and looks more army greenish gray with out a lot of green if that makes any sense. I was going to do grays and black and whites...That left me fighting the counter top, teal color so I thought I'd use that to accent with... it is not even working at all..I don't feel good walking into this room, just frustrated. So I decided to work with the teals, aqua, browns..

So walking through Bed Bath and Beyond to get coffee for my Mom for her single cup coffee maker..My cart just happened to stroll through the bathroom area..And what to my surprise did I see but this lovely fun spirited for teenagers looking shower curtain...I stopped looked and said to myself " self this just might work" and then I looked at the price and said "yep I will make it work" it was regular 24.99 and it was marked clearance for 12.00 then I had 20% off coupon...SOLD and when I got home and put it up my Daughter said Mom I love it it's Roxy...wonderful it even has at the top Roxy...
I never got any further, next thing I knew my Autumn was sick like flu sick potty and trash can sick...I felt so bad but I do have to say I was thinking Please don't get my 12.00 shower curtain mest up....Is that awful of me..I didn't say it to her just thinking it.
Anyway I will post more later on the rest of the changes.
Have a wonderful weekend.


kelly said...

you are so talented and a gifted decorator! love the rack and what you've done with the heathens bathroom!

great deal on the napkins and napkin holders!

kelly said...

missed walking today....and dont think you're awful for not wanting autumn to yak on your new shower curtain!