Sunday, August 29, 2010


We left of in April with My Cousin Jerry's wedding..Here they are Jerry and Julie at Jerry's sister Lori's wedding to John... Jerry and Julie are now expecting their first bundle of joy in March...

My cousin Tracy sister of the Bride and her daughter Olivia...

My brother, niece, sister-in-law and my Autumn after wedding.

I love this pic of my brother and cousin Lori....

My cousin's Tracey and Jerry...siblings to Lori...I love them both...Jerry is the baby of us grandchildren and lets say Tracey is in the middle somewhere...

Is it the children blowing bubbles....yes...I mean of course not it is my brother, in his own world..He Joey you can't say you were blowing them for Tyler he wasn't there!!!

This was hilarious..The pastor said at the end may I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs..John...------. Well he said my cousins last name not John's...We laughed so hard...Way to go Lori... Sorry John..

Tracey and Jon's brother as Maid of Honor and Best Man.

My cousin Sara and her two Sam and Emily as they arrived.

My parents, they look so good, along with my cousin Jerry before the wedding.

My Dad and Mom again..

Two little precious flower girls...Kennedy our not shy at all dancer, and singer of the night!!! and John's daughter Ashley.

My brother and sister-in-law..

Jerry and Lauren walking back down aisle after ceremony.. Lauren is Lori's daughter..

My Uncle Jerry walking his very happy Daughter down the aisle...
A day we have waited for, for a long time..May you always keep this smile on your face Lori....I so love you my dear cousin and pray for a wonderful blessed life for you John and the children..
God Bless you all..
Stay tuned for some random reception pictures..

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