Saturday, August 14, 2010


Woo Whoo Dad and Mom's bathroom is all finished well 98%. Look a washer and dryer, They had room to put this in their bathroom.

Here is shower area.. we went with shower curtain instead of doors...well let's just say if ever you need to help someone shower this would be much easier..

This really looks nice, they did a very nice job on picking out colors and everything they needed.

Mirror and lights.

This is so nice, the colors are in tans. The mirrored wall is lighter than the other 3 walls. Mom is accenting with like a jade blueish green... All that needs done is baseboard, door an frame around linen closet and blinds up on the window....Seeing all the beauty of this makes me ready for change now.

In my powder room and laundry room. Here is my inspriration. These hand towels I got at Marshell's. The charcole gray's and deep powder blue I guess I would call it slate blue.

Some colors I'm looking at...Funny thing is in here (the laundry room) I don't think I want any of these colors now. But I need to keep it flowing from the powder room since they are together..Hmm

This is my powder room now..minus some decor I have already started taking down. I have creamy ceramic tile floor. Sink and potty are soft gray, faucet black...but counter is in creamy color. I do want to make it lighter fresher and sleek...any suggestions???

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